Insurance adjusters must renew their licence with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) every year on June 30.

About licence renewals

Every year, your adjuster licence will expire on June 30. You will need to renew it before June 30 to keep your licence active.

FSRA will send your adjusting firm an email 60 calendar days before the expiration date to let them know your licence needs to be renewed. This is a courtesy reminder – it is your responsibility to know when your licence will expire.

You can renew your licence at any time during the 60-day window.

Note: while some renewals are processed quickly, others may require additional review. Submit your renewal application in as soon as possible to avoid having your licence expire.

Fee for renewing a licence

The fee to renew your adjuster licence is $75. This fee will cover the next year up to June 30, after which you will have to renew your licence again.

Depending on the arrangement you have with your adjusting firm, they may pay the fee OR you may be responsible for paying this fee. Check with your adjusting firm for details.

What if I have an inactive licence?

If you want to work as an adjuster again, review Reinstate my insurance adjuster licence.

What if I miss the deadline for renewing?

If you don’t renew your licence before the expiration date, your licence will lapse and it will no longer be active.


If you want to continue working as an adjuster after your licence has lapsed, review reinstating my insurance adjuster licence.

Before you submit your renewal application

You will have to reconfirm your suitability to hold an adjuster licence and you will need to meet many of the requirements from when you first applied for a licence.

Requirements include:

  • Be sponsored by an adjusting firm.
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Confirm you are not licensed as an insurance agent or broker.
  • Be familiar with the laws of Ontario relating to adjusters.

You will also need to share any new information about bankruptcies, lawsuits, criminal records, decisions from other regulators or licensing bodies and other employment information.

New Criminal Record check process 

FSRA is changing its licensing processes for background criminal checks to ensure the processes remain up to date. Criminal record checks are part of FSRA’s rigorous licence qualification process to protect consumers by ensuring only suitable individuals sell or offer financial products and services in Ontario.

FSRA now requires licence applicants to complete their criminal record checks through our approved vendor, Triton Canada (Triton).  If you have disclosed information about a criminal matter, or FSRA has received information that you may be involved in a criminal matter, you may be required to complete a background check after you have submitted your application. 

If required, FSRA will notify you, and will send a link to Triton’s website to complete the background check. Once completed, you will need to provide the 8-digit confirmation number found in your Triton receipt to FSRA.

 A fee of $19.15 applies for Triton’s service, and the background check is valid for 90 days.

Please monitor your email frequently for any information requests from FSRA. If you have any further questions about the new background check process, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions – Background check process

Ready to renew your licence?

1. Download the Insurance Adjuster Application.

  • Right click on the link and choose Save link as to download the PDF to your computer or drive.

2. Fill out the application electronically.

  • You will need to re-confirm that:
    • You are a person of good character and reputation.
    • You have the appropriate education to be an adjuster.
    • You meet all licensing requirements and are a suitable person to receive a licence as an adjuster.
    • You have provided information about bankruptcies, lawsuits, criminal records, decisions from other regulators or licensing bodies or other employment information.
    • You will comply with Ontario’s laws and the requirements of the adjuster’s licence

3. Ask your adjusting firm to fill out Part 3 (Notice of Appointment).

4. Your adjusting firm can submit the completed form through the Online Services Portal.

  • If you need to pay the fee, you can make the payment through the Online Services Portal with credit card (VISA, Mastercard) or select debit cards (RBC, TD, First Nations Bank of Canada, most credit unions).

What happens after your renewal is submitted:

FSRA will send you an email to confirm it has received your application.

For most applications

  • It should take 10 business days for FSRA to issue your licence.
  • If approved, the renewed licence will be sent to your adjusting firm.
  • Ask your adjusting firm for a copy of your renewed licence.

If the application needs additional review

  • FSRA will send you a follow-up email to let you know your application requires additional review.
  • The email will include the name and contact information for the assigned Licensing and Registration Specialist.
  • The Specialist reviewing your application will contact you directly if additional information is required.
  • If approved, the renewed licence will be sent to your adjusting firm.
  • Ask your adjusting firm for a copy of your renewed licence.