When making financial decisions there are many products and providers to choose from. FSRA’s role as a regulator, is to set rules and policies that a company or individual must follow when offering these services to you.

The Consumer Office helps ensure consumer perspectives are considered when shaping policies or initiatives that impact you. We also support the Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP):

Grant Funding

Applications for FSRA Grant Funding closed on January 12, 2024. Subscribe to our mailing list to keep up with FSRA News and future calls for Grant Funding applications.

FSRA uses grants to strengthen consumer protection in Ontario. Grants can be awarded to support educational and research initiatives to help consumers with financial literacy, financial awareness, and the understanding of market trends in the province.

Grants are funded through money we collect from enforcement actions as we are authorized to use this money for specific purposes set out in the law. More information on how we use this revenue can be found in our Use of Proceeds from Enforcement Guidance.

View more information about grant funding.

Consumer Research

Research is important to understanding your needs and to be aware of any issues or trends in the sectors we regulate. We conduct research in many ways to get an in-depth understanding of what matters to you as a consumer. Our research will help us shape policies and strengthen our efforts to identify ways to respond to the needs of and risks to consumers.

View a list of our consumer research.

Policy Frameworks

FSRA develops policy frameworks which provide a structure to identify and solve problems that pose a risk to you within the sectors we regulate. These frameworks can be used to inform future policy or changes to how FSRA regulates its sectors.

Complaints Framework

FSRA’s vision is for you to have your complaints resolved in an accessible, fair, timely, transparent, and effective manner. As a step towards our vision, we released a Guiding Policy Framework on Complaints Resolution in December 2021.