FSRA is committed to protecting the public interest and promoting trust in our sectors. Understand your rights as a consumer, how to file a complaint, or report suspected fraud, if you ever need to do so. 

Be informed, proactive and alert 

FSRA is continuing to work together with the sectors that it regulates to ensure that industry and you, as a consumer, receive the support you need during this time of rapid change and disruption. Now more than ever, it’s important to be informed, proactive and alert.

Consumer updates:

How can we help you?

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance

Our mandate is to protect Ontarians, each and every time they get behind the wheel. Learn how your insurance rates are set, what to do following an accident, or how to file a claim.

Be Informed: We have recently announced changes to auto insurance that permit premium reductions and rebates for consumers. Financial relief options will vary depending on the insurer.

Be Proactive: Contact your auto insurer to find out what type of assistance is available to you. Let them know if your driving habits or frequency has changed due to COVID-19. 

Be Alert: Some health service providers are experiencing service disruptions due to physical distancing measures. If you have a claim and require health services, contact your insurance provider or health service provider to find out what accommodations can be made. Always be sure that you are dealing with a licensed Property & Casualty (Auto) insurance company or broker by checking Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).


Home, Life and Health Insurance

Home, life and health insurance

Have a complaint about an insurer? Need to find a licensed provider? Learn more about what you can do next.

Be Informed: Review your insurance policy carefully to know what is covered under your circumstances. Understand the terms and conditions, including any exclusions and limitations to your coverage.

Be Proactive: Contact your insurance agent/broker or company. Ask questions about your policy. Update your profile to reflect your current living situation.

Be Alert: Always check to make sure you are dealing with a licensed Property & Casualty (Home) insurance company or broker at Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). For a list of licensed Life & Health insurance agents and agencies, visit our registry for licensed agents in Ontario and corporate insurance agencies and partnerships.



Mortgage Brokering

Whether you are buying your first home, purchasing a new property or refinancing your mortgage, we have resources to help you make informed decisions about your mortgage.

Be Informed: Understand how mortgages work and the risks of getting a mortgage before you sign. If you’re thinking of investing in a syndicated mortgage, learn about the unique risks of syndicated mortgage investments (SMI).

Be Proactive: Read your mortgage contract carefully before you sign it, so that you understand your responsibilities under the agreement. We recently outlined the disclosure requirements for mortgages, and SMI transactions in particular, during significant market disruptions, such as COVID-19. If you have questions about your mortgage options, you can get a second opinion from a licensed mortgage professional.

Be Alert: Always deal with a licensed mortgage professional that is registered with FSRA. You can check if a brokerage, broker or agent is licensed by using this registry.




Need to contact your plan administrator? Has your plan sponsor filed for insolvency? Learn more about how pension plans work, and how to file a complaint.

Be Informed: We are working closely with the pension sector to ensure that pension plan beneficiaries are protected during this difficult time. We will provide updates as they become available.

Be Proactive: Making financial decisions based on short-term circumstances can have long-term consequences for your retirement. Seek independent financial advice before making major decisions about your retirement savings.

Be Alert: Protect yourself from scams. Check the Government of Canada website for a list of reported COVID-19 fraud activities. Use caution if you are offered opportunities for your retirement that appear too good to be true.


Credit Unions and Deposit Insurance

Credit unions and deposit insurance

FSRA deposit insurance protects your savings so that you can bank with confidence at your local credit union. Learn more below.

Be Informed: FSRA insures deposits up to a maximum of $250,000 held in non-registered accounts, and unlimited coverage in registered accounts. You can be confident that insurable deposits held with Ontario credit unions and caisses populaires are protected. Learn more about our deposit insurance program.

Be Proactive: Financial assistance, such as payment deferral programs, may be available through your credit union to help you during uncertain times. Contact your credit union advisor to ask about assistance programs for members.

Be Alert: Don’t give away your banking and credit card details over text or email. Protect your personal information from fraudsters posing as representatives of financial institutions or government agencies.


Loan and Trust

Loan and trust companies

FSRA regulates all federally incorporated loan and trust companies that do business in Ontario. Search registered companies, file grievances, read up on laws and regulations, and more.


File a complaint with the Ontario Securities Commission

If your complaint is related to securites, or if you have concerns or questions about a financial services sector not included here, please contact the Ontario Securities Commission