We want you to have confidence when using the financial services FSRA regulates: Pensions, Mortgage Brokers, Life and Health Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, Credit Unions, Health Service Providers, Loan and Trust Companies and Co-operative Corporations. We monitor the companies and people that provide these services and take action when they are not following the rules.

Being informed is key to making financial decisions with confidence. Review our web pages to understand your rights and get information to help you decide what service is right for you and your family.

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Your voice at FSRA

Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP)

The Consumer Advisory Panel is a group of people from the general public. The panel meets regularly with FSRA to provide advice and guidance on what matters to you as a consumer.

Learn more about the Consumer Advisory Panel.

FSRA’s Consumer Office

The Consumer Office provides FSRA with a window into what matters to you and helps shape policies and priorities that protect you.

Learn more about the Consumer Office.

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