The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is responsible for supervising and regulating a broad range of financial service sectors. We issue guidance to make it easier for the public, new entrants and incumbents to understand what is legally binding, what is FSRA’s interpretation or application of law and what information is designed to be helpful. We issue this guidance under our new Guidance Framework.

When FSRA assumed the regulatory duties of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO), we inherited all guidance issued by these legacy regulators. We conducted an initial review of this material to identify which guidance needs to remain active. Through this process, we have reduced our active guidance by approximately 40%.

This page lists all of FSRA’s active guidance. It includes both new guidance issued by FSRA and guidance inherited from FSCO and DICO that remains active.

New Guidance

The New Guidance table lists the five most recent guidance documents issued by FSRA. To view all active guidance both issued by FSRA and inherited from FSCO and DICO, see the All Active Guidance table.

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Sector Sort descending Title Number
Auto Auto Insurance – Consumer Relief during A Declared Emergency under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act AU0131INT
Auto Best Practices for Preferred Provider Networks (PPNs) AU0012ORG
Auto New Regulations for Service Provider Licensing and Proclamation Order AU0029ORG
Auto Amendment to Catastrophic Impairment Definition AU0045ORG
Auto Second set of plain-language policy change forms AU0062ORG
Auto Revised bulletin on the definition of "Fleet" AU0078ORG
Auto Analysis of Reform Cost and Loss Trend Rates for Ontario Private Passenger Automobile Insurance AU0094ORG
Auto Underwriting technical notes AU0110ORG
Auto Standard Filing AU0126APP
Auto Amendments to the Ontario Garage Policy (O.A.P. 4) and Other Commercial Automobile Insurance Forms AU0013ORG
Auto New Proclamation Dates for Service Provider Licensing AU0030ORG
Auto Revised Assessment of Attendant Care Needs and Introduction of Form 1 HCAI Pilot Project AU0046ORG
Auto FOIPOP and Rate Filings AU0063ORG
Auto Loss transfer revisited AU0079ORG
Auto Other Automobile Insurance Forms AU0111ORG
Auto Cost of Assessments and Examinations Guideline AU0127INF
Auto Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act (CAIA) "Insurance Card" AU0014ORG
Auto Updated Professional Services Guideline AU0031ORG
Auto Private Vehicles for Hire - Ridesharing: Fleet Insurance Policy (Intact/Uber), Approval of an Electronic Insurance Card for Ridesharing, and Amendments to the Definition of “Fleet” AU0047ORG
Auto Rental Vehicles and the Priority Rules AU0064ORG
Auto Revised OEF 4a, 5 and 5c AU0080ORG
Auto Automobile Insurance Policy (O.A.P. 1), Application and Endorsement Forms AU0112ORG
Auto Modernizing Automobile Insurance - Approval of Electronic Insurance Card AU0128APP
Auto 2009 Indexation Percentage under Bill 59/198, 2009 Indexation Percentage and Revised Deductibles/Monetary Amounts under Bill 164, and Changes to the Conservative Mennonite Automobile Brotherhood Assistance Plan Exemption Identification Card AU0015ORG
Auto Amendments to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, Service Provider Regulations, Administrative Penalties and Eligibility for Transportation Expenses AU0032ORG
Auto Revised Auto Insurance Claim Forms: OCF-18, OCF-21 and OCF-23 AU0048ORG
Auto Complete set of endorsements attached to O.P.F. 1 (Owner's Policy) AU0065ORG
Auto Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card (Canada/Inter-Province) AU0081ORG
Auto Garage Automobile Policy (O.A.P. 4), Application and Endorsement Forms AU0113ORG
Auto Changes to Ontario Regulation 283/95: Disputes Between Insurers AU0016ORG
Auto Late Payments From Insurers to Licensed Service Providers AU0033ORG
Auto Revised Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline and Transportation Expense Guideline AU0049ORG
Auto French Automobile Insurance Forms AU0066ORG
Auto Non-Renewal Risk Due to Broker Cancellation AU0082ORG
Auto Auto Insurance Claims Forms (OCF Forms) AU0114ORG
Auto Loss Trend Benchmarks for Private Passenger Automobile Major Rate Filings based on Industry Data as of December 31st, 2019 AU0132APP
Auto Financial Literacy Portal AU0001ORG
Auto Implementing Automobile Insurance Reforms: Amendments to the Ontario Automobile Policy and Related Forms AU0017ORG
Auto Changes to Automobile Insurance Regulations; Guideline Update AU0034ORG
Auto Amendments to the Private Passenger Automobile Filing Guidelines and Technical Notes AU0050ORG
Auto Facility Association amendment to eligibility rules in the residual market AU0067ORG
Auto What do to do in accident brochure AU0083ORG
Auto Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) AU0115ORG
Auto What to Do If You Think You are a Victim of a Scam or Fraud AU0002ORG
Auto Revised Accident Benefit Claims Forms and New Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline AU0018ORG
Auto Revised Certificate of Automobile Insurance Form and Data Elements AU0035ORG
Auto Updated Automobile Insurance Filing Guidelines AU0052ORG
Auto Third set of policy change forms AU0068ORG
Auto Understanding Automobile Insurance AU0084ORG
Auto Private Passenger Automobile Filing Guidelines - Major AU0100ORG
Auto Auto Insurance Fraud Hotline AU0116ORG
Auto Statutory Accident Benefits Claims during the COVID-19 Outbreak AU0133INT
Auto Implementing Automobile Insurance Reforms Under Bill 198: Revised Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1) and related Policy and Endorsement Forms AU0003ORG
Auto Publication of Private Arbitration Decisions Involving Ontario Regulation 283/95: Disputes Between Insurers AU0019ORG
Auto Cost of Goods Guideline AU0036ORG
Auto Superintendent’s Guideline No. 01/18: Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline AU0053ORG
Auto Regulation on lapse in automobile insurance coverage AU0069ORG
Auto Auto Insurance Consumers' Bill of Rights AU0085ORG
Auto Technical Notes AU0101ORG
Auto Apply to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund AU0117ORG
Auto Guideline on Public Hospitals and Determination of Catastrophic Impairment AU0134INT
Auto Automobile insurance underwriting rules AU0004ORG
Auto New and Revised Policy and Endorsement Forms AU0020ORG
Auto Catastrophic Impairment – Public Hospitals Guideline AU0037ORG
Auto Revised Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline and Clarification of Health Care Providers Subject to the Professional Services Guideline AU0054ORG
Auto Amendments to the Ontario Garage Automobile Policy (OAP 4) and related forms, and amendments to the Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1) and related forms AU0070ORG
Auto After an Auto Accident: Understanding the Claims Process AU0086ORG
Auto Underwriting appendix AU0102ORG
Auto Apply to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund AU0118ORG
Auto 2020 Automobile Insurance Indexation Amounts AU0129DEC
Auto Amendments to the Ontario Garage Policy AU0005ORG
Auto Changes to Ontario Regulation 7/00: Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices AU0021ORG
Auto Processing Direct Payments to Service Providers for "Listed Expenses" AU0038ORG
Auto Health Care for Auto Insurance Guideline AU0055ORG
Auto Implementing Bill 59: consumer brochures, SABS, and new/revised forms AU0071ORG
Auto Understanding Insurance for Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, and Other Motorized Vehicles AU0087ORG
Auto List of guidelines AU0103ORG
Auto Link to Auto Insurance Page AU0119ORG
Auto Emergency Service Provider's Insurance Protection Act (Insurance Amendment), 2004 AU0006ORG
Auto Optional Indexation Benefit Guideline
Auto Implementing Automobile Insurance Reforms: Amendments to the Ontario Automobile Application, Endorsement and Related Forms AU0039ORG
Auto Revised Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) Guideline – Including the Assessment of Attendant Care Needs Form (Form 1) AU0056ORG
Auto Coverage and rating for volunteer drivers AU0072ORG
Auto Protecting Yourself When Renting an Automobile AU0088ORG
Auto endorsements guidelines AU0104ORG
Auto Fighting Auto Insurance Fraud: What You Can Do AU0120ORG
Auto Excluded Driver Endorsements (OPCF 28A and O.E.F. 78A) AU0007ORG
Auto Insurer Rights and Responsibilities to Challenge Questionable or Abusive Claims AU0023ORG
Auto Implementing Automobile Insurance Reforms: Amendments to the Accident Benefit Claims Forms AU0040ORG
Auto Technical Amendments to Auto Insurance Regulations AU0057ORG
Auto Loss transfer AU0073ORG
Auto Don't Get Scammed Buying Auto Insurance AU0089ORG
Auto forms filings AU0105ORG
Auto Private Arbitration Decisions AU0121ORG
Auto Revised Ontario Garage Automobile Policy (O.A.P. 4) and Other Automobile Insurance Forms AU0008ORG
Auto New Regulations for Service Provider Licensing and Changes to Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule – Effective September 1, 2010 AU0025ORG
Auto Amendments to Accident Benefit Forms - Application for Determination of Catastrophic Impairment (OCF-19) and Standard Benefit Statement AU0041ORG
Auto Amendments to Three Ontario Automobile Policy Forms - OAP 1, OPF 2 and OAP 4 AU0058ORG
Auto Implementing Bill 59: 'Protected defendant' undertaking to Ontario by out-of-province insurers AU0074ORG
Auto Tips for Avoiding Tow Truck and Storage Scams AU0090ORG
Auto Key Leg Reg Overview AU0106ORG
Auto Auto Quarterly Rate Approvals AU0122ORG
Auto Innovative Auto Insurance Products-Subscriptions (“IAIP-S”) AU0130APP
Auto New and Revise Accident Benefit Claim forms AU0009ORG
Auto Minor Injury Guideline AU0026ORG
Auto Amendments to Automobile Insurance Regulations AU0042ORG
Auto Automobile Insurance Underwriting Rules and Risk Classification Variables AU0059ORG
Auto Understanding the operation of OPCF 47 - Optional Accident Benefits AU0075ORG
Auto How to Save on Auto Insurance AU0091ORG
Auto Other than PPA Major AU0107ORG
Auto Superintendent's and Commissioner's Guidelines - Auto Insurance SABS AU0123ORG
Auto An Administrative Lapse or a Suspension of a Driver’s Licence AU0010ORG
Auto Professional Services Guideline AU0027ORG
Auto Amendments to the Settlement Disclosure Notice AU0043ORG
Auto Regulation on Endorsement for Optional Benefits in the SABS AU0060ORG
Auto Loss transfer: standardized forms and procedures AU0076ORG
Auto Staged Auto Accidents: Protect Yourself from this Fraud AU0092ORG
Auto Other than PPA Minor AU0108ORG
Auto 2019 Automobile Insurance Legislated and Regulatory Adjustments and Optional Indexation Rates Under the Statutory Accident Benefit Schedule AU0124ORG
Auto Amendments to the Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1) and related forms AU0011ORG
Auto Revised Minor Injury Guideline and Treatment and Assessment Plan (OCF-18) AU0028ORG
Auto Catastrophic Impairment - Public Hospitals Guideline and Updated Cost of Goods Guideline AU0044ORG
Auto New background design for Motor Vehicle Liability insurance card AU0061ORG
Auto FSCO's clarification about the exemption for fleets AU0077ORG
Auto Auto Insurance Consumer Resources AU0093ORG
Auto Underwriting AU0109ORG
Auto Superintendent's Guideline No. 04/16: Transportation Expense Guideline AU0125ORG
CU-CP Cover Letter for External Auditor Role for High Risk Areas CU0001ORG
CU-CP DICO Deposit Insurance Brochure CU0017ORG
CU-CP ICAAP Guidance Note CU0033ORG
CU-CP Operational Risk Advisory #2 - Potential Risks Associated with Providing Banking Services to Money Service Businesses (MSBs) CU0049ORG
CU-CP External Auditor Role for High Risk Areas CU0002ORG
CU-CP DICO Service Standards as Outlined in the CUCPA CU0018ORG
CU-CP Investments Guidance Note CU0034ORG
CU-CP Lending Advisory #3 - Mortgage Lending Practices and Potential Real Estate Market Correction CU0050ORG
CU-CP Capital Treatment of Loans under the Federal Government Business Credit Availability Program CU0062INT
CU-CP Application Standards CU0003ORG
CU-CP Director's Handbook CU0019ORG
CU-CP Lending Guidance Note CU0035ORG
CU-CP Capital Risk Advisory #1 - Credit Union Shares Held as Security CU0051ORG
CU-CP Application Guide for Director Training - Less Complex Cus CU0004ORG
CU-CP Director Candidate Information Guide CU0020ORG
CU-CP Liquidity Guidance Note CU0036ORG
CU-CP Market Risk Advisory #1 - Investment in Digital Currencies CU0052ORG
CU-CP Application Guide for Director Training - More Complex Cus CU0005ORG
CU-CP Director Candidate Information Guide CU0021ORG
CU-CP Securitization Guidance Note CU0037ORG
CU-CP Market Risk Advisory #2 - Investment in a Pool of Individual Mortgages and Mortgage Pools CU0053ORG
CU-CP Audit Committee Handbook CU0006ORG
CU-CP Director Training Self Assessment Guide CU0022ORG
CU-CP Stress Testing Guidance Note CU0038ORG
CU-CP Lending Advisory #4 - Mortgage Lending Practices CU0054ORG
CU-CP By-Law #3 CU0007ORG
CU-CP Director Training and Qualifications Policy Development CU0023ORG
CU-CP Structural Risk Guidance Note CU0039ORG
CU-CP Lending Advisory #5 - Mortgages Lending Practices CU0055ORG
CU-CP Incorporating and Registering a New Credit Union or Caisse Populaire CU0060ORG
CU-CP By Law #5 CU0008ORG
CU-CP Director Training and Qualifications Policy Development CU0024ORG
CU-CP Cover Letter for ICAAP Stress Testing GN CU0040ORG
CU-CP Lending Advisory #3 - Authorized Syndicating (Lead) Credit Unions in a Loan Syndication CU0056ORG
CU-CP Commecial Lending Tools CU0009ORG
CU-CP ERM Application Guide CU0025ORG
CU-CP DICO's Other Power Under the Act CU0041ORG
CU-CP Guidance Note: Corporate Governance--Audit Committee CU0057ORG
CU-CP Resolution of the Board of Directors CU0010ORG
CU-CP ERM Framework CU0026ORG
CU-CP Request for Additional DICO Publications CU0042ORG
CU-CP Guidance Note: Corporate Governance--Board of Directors CU0058ORG
CU-CP By-Law #6 CU0011ORG
CU-CP Filing Requirements for Insured Institutions CU0027ORG
CU-CP Sound Business and Financial Practices Manual CU0043ORG
CU-CP Guidance Note: Corporate Governance--Management CU0059ORG
CU-CP Capital Adequacy Guideline CU0012ORG
CU-CP 2010 CUCPA and Regulations FAQs CU0028ORG
CU-CP DICO Variations and Exemptions under the CUCPA CU0044ORG
CU-CP Details about Compliance Orders Issued by DICO CU0013ORG
CU-CP 2010 CUCPA and Regulations FAQs CU0029ORG
CU-CP Lending Advisory #1 - Lending Limits and Creditor Insurance CU0045ORG
CU-CP Commercial Lending Policy Development Guide CU0014ORG
CU-CP Director Training and Qualifications GN - Less Complex Cus CU0030ORG
CU-CP Capital Advisory #1 - Capital Treatment of Computer Software Intangibles CU0046ORG
CU-CP Commercial Lending Policy Development Guide -Cover Letter CU0015ORG
CU-CP Director Training and Qualifications GN - More Complex Cus CU0031ORG
CU-CP Operational Risk Advisory #1 - Outsourcing Servicing of Owned ATM's CU0047ORG
CU-CP Annual Meeting Requirements: Credit Unions and Insurance Companies CU0061INF
CU-CP Pre Approved Advertising Messages for Cus CU0016ORG
CU-CP ERM Guidance Note CU0032ORG
CU-CP Lending Advisory #2 - Authorized Participants in Loan Syndications CU0048ORG
HSP Technical Support/Troubleshooting HP0022ORG
HSP About The Licence HP0006ORG
HSP Travel Expenses HP0023ORG
HSP About the Principal Representative HP0007ORG
HSP Will I need a Licence? HP0024ORG
HSP Add/ Remove a Director, Officer or Partner HP0008ORG
HSP What's New in Service Providers HP0025ORG
HSP Attendant Care Benefits HP0009ORG
HSP Don't make your business vulnerable by collecting signatures on blank treatment forms HP0026ORG
HSP Business Standards HP0010ORG
HSP Service Providers 2016-17 Market Conduct Compliance: Examination Results HP0027ORG
HSP Consumers HP0011ORG
HSP Service Providers 2017/2018 Market Conduct Compliance: Examination Results HP0028ORG
HSP Definition HP0012ORG
HSP Licensed Service Provider Frequently Asked Questions on the AIR and Annual Regulatory Fee HP0029ORG
HSP Fees HP0013ORG
HSP Sample - Service Provider Annual Information Return (AIR) HP0030ORG
HSP Getting Ready HP0014ORG
HSP Apply Now for a Service Provider Licence HP0031ORG
HSP HCAI Registration HP0015ORG
HSP How to Resolve a Complaint about Billing Practices in the Service Providers Sector HP0032ORG
HSP Licence Amendments HP0016ORG
HSP Public Registry of Licensed Service Providers HP0033ORG
HSP How do I enable TLS 1.2? HP0001ORG
HSP Licence Application HP0017ORG
HSP Service Provider Sector Reports HP0034ORG
HSP Reducing abuse and fraud in health care services for Auto Insurance: everyone has a role to play HP0002ORG
HSP Licence Suspension, Revocation And Surrender HP0018ORG
HSP Service providers: How to update your contact information and file the Annual Information Return (AIR) HP0035ORG
HSP Service Providers 2016 AIR Results Summary Report HP0003ORG
HSP Listed Expenses HP0019ORG
HSP Subscription Centre HP0036ORG
HSP Service Providers 2017 AIR Results Summary Report HP0004ORG
HSP Marital Status, Corporate Name Changes, Principal Representative HP0020ORG
HSP Service Provider Licensing Guide HP0005ORG
HSP Access to Claimant Personal Health Information HP0021ORG
Insurance Negative Option Marketing/Billing PC0018ORG
Insurance Do you have a licence issued in another province or territory? PC0034ORG
Insurance Guideline - Use of Canadian Depository for Securities Limited PC0019ORG
Insurance Do you want to be licensed in another province or territory? PC0035ORG
Insurance FSCO <U+0085> Property and Casualty (P&C) Memorandum to the Appointed Actuary, 2018 PC0004ORG
Insurance Reinsurance guidelines for Ontario incorporated and licensed companies PC0020ORG
Insurance Licensing Link Enhancements for Life Insurance Agents PC0036ORG
Insurance Amalgamations and Portfolio Transfers PC0021ORG
Insurance How to Obtain an Insurance Agent Corporation or Partnership Licence under the Insurance Act PC0037ORG
Insurance IVICs Information PC0022ORG
Insurance Companies registered under the Prepaid Hospital and Medical Services Act as of April 1, 2019 PC0038ORG
Insurance Helpful Licensing Information for Ontario Insurance Agents PC0023ORG
Insurance New reporting requirement is effective immediately: Report the life insurers you represent, have a contract with and/or on whose behalf you sell insurance products PC0039ORG
Insurance Notice - Filing of 2018 Annual Return for Ontario - Extra provincial insurance companies licensed in Ontario PC0008ORG
Insurance Licensing FAQ’s for Insurance Agents and Adjusters PC0024ORG
Insurance FSCO updates Licensing Link to help life insurers better monitor their agents PC0040ORG
Insurance Notice of Filing of 2018 Annual Return for Ontario - Ontario incorporated farm mutuals PC0009ORG
Insurance How to Become a Life or Accident and Sickness Insurance Agent PC0025ORG
Insurance SuperintendentÆs Minimum Capital Test Guideline PC0041ORG
Insurance Notice - Filing of 2018 Annual Return for Ontario - Ontario incorporated insurers and reinsurers, fraternal societies, and reciprocal insurance exchanges PC0010ORG
Insurance How to Submit Feedback on the Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP) PC0026ORG
Insurance Administrative Monetary Penalties in the Insurance Sector PC0042ORG
Insurance 2018 Annual Return Instructions to Ontario incorporated insurers and reinsurers, fraternal societies, and reciprocal insurance exchanges PC0011ORG
Insurance How to Become an Independent or Public Adjuster PC0027ORG
Insurance Notice - Premium Information for Cost Assessment - Non-Ontario incorporated Property and Casualty insurance companies and reciprocals PC0012ORG
Insurance Errors and Omissions Insurance Requirements for Life Insurance Agents PC0028ORG
Insurance Annual Returns & Instructions PC0013ORG
Insurance Instructions for Updating Your Errors and Omissions Insurance Information on Licensing Link PC0029ORG
Insurance Investments by Insurers Guideline PC0014ORG
Insurance FAQs on Errors and Omissions Insurance for Life Insurance Agents and Updating Your Information on Licensing Link PC0030ORG
Insurance Year-end Considerations PC0015ORG
Insurance How to Obtain Approval to Offer a Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP) Training Course in Ontario PC0031ORG
Insurance Borrowing to Purchase Life Insurance Products - Risks and Suitability PC0016ORG
Insurance How to Obtain or Amend an Insurance Company Licence PC0032ORG
Insurance Reliance Model of Reciprocal Licensing PC0001ORG
Insurance Charitable or Gift Annuities PC0017ORG
Insurance Becoming a Licensed General Insurance Agent PC0033ORG
Mortgage Changes to syndicated mortgage rules: New FSCO forms available MB0008ORG
Mortgage Checklists for Non-Qualified Syndicated Mortgage Forms effective July 1, 2018 MB0024ORG
Mortgage Policies and Procedures -- Non-qualified Syndicated Mortgages MB0009ORG
Mortgage FAQs on FSCO's Forms Relating to Non-qualified Syndicated Mortgage Transactions MB0025ORG
Mortgage Checklist on Detecting and Preventing Mortgage Fraud MB0010ORG
Mortgage Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Agent Education MB0026ORG
Mortgage Compliance Checklist for Mortgage Administrators MB0011ORG
Mortgage How to Resolve a Complaint About a Mortgage Brokerage, Broker, Agent or Administrator MB0027ORG
Mortgage Mortgage Administrators – Responses to Market Disruptions MB0039INT
Mortgage Compliance Checklist for Managing the Mortgage Brokerage MB0012ORG
Mortgage Education FAQ - Mortgage Brokering Industry MB0028ORG
Mortgage Mortgage Brokerage Disclosure and Suitability Assessments for Non-Qualified Syndicated Mortgage Investments (SMIs) – Responses to Market Disruptions MB0040INT
Mortgage Compliance Checklist for Mortgage Brokerages, Brokers & Agents MB0013ORG
Mortgage Existing Mortgage Brokerages and Administrators MB0029ORG
Mortgage Compliance Checklist for Managing the Mortgage Administrator, Keeping Records and Trust Accounts MB0014ORG
Mortgage Government of Canada Resources MB0030ORG
Mortgage Supervision Approach for High-risk Syndicated Mortgage Investments MB0037APP
Mortgage Checklist on Detecting and Preventing Mortgage Fraud MB0015ORG
Mortgage Legislation: Act & Regulations MB0031ORG
Mortgage FAQs on FSCO's Checklist on Detecting and Preventing Mortgage Fraud MB0016ORG
Mortgage Licensing FAQ MB0032ORG
Mortgage Amended Disclosure Forms 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 for Non-Qualified Syndicated Mortgages MB0038INT
Mortgage 2017 Annual Information Return Results Summary Report MB0001ORG
Mortgage MFDA and FSCO issue joint communication concerning the selling of syndicated mortgage investments MB0017ORG
Mortgage Applying for a New Licence MB0033ORG
Mortgage AIR Summary Results for Previous Years MB0002ORG
Mortgage Errors & Omissions Insurance Requirements MB0018ORG
Mortgage Mortgage Brokering Sector Compliance Reviews MB0034ORG
Mortgage FAQs on Annual Information Returns and Financial Statements MB0003ORG
Mortgage Frequently Asked Questions for the Mortgage Broker Industry MB0019ORG
Mortgage Reporting Requirements for Mortgage Administrators MB0035ORG
Mortgage Annual Information Returns MB0004ORG
Mortgage FAQ on Business Requirements MB0020ORG
Mortgage Webinar Resources MB0036ORG
Mortgage Mortgage brokerages and administrators: How to check/update your contact information, and file the Annual Information Return (AIR) MB0005ORG
Mortgage Mortgage Administrator Licence Application - Instructions for completing the application MB0021ORG
Mortgage Requirements for Promoting Syndicated Mortgage Investments MB0006ORG
Mortgage Mortgage Brokerage Licence Application - Instructions for completing the application MB0022ORG
Mortgage Your responsibilities to prevent mortgage fraud MB0007ORG
Mortgage Mortgage Brokering Forms MB0023ORG
Pensions Actuarial Guidance Consultations PE0004ORG
Pensions Annual Information Return Fee Structure PE0020ORG
Pensions Aegon Canada Inc. and Transamerica Life Canada v. ING Canada Inc. PE0036ORG
Pensions Heringer v. Heringer û Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision on the payment of interest on a specified amount representing the former spouseÆs share of the Family Law Value PE0052ORG
Pensions FSCO - Pension Stakeholder Consultations PE0068ORG
Pensions Opting out of the new grow-in provisions by JSPPs and MEPPs PE0084ORG
Pensions Implications of Bill 14 Amendments on the Carrigan Decision PE0100ORG
Pensions Superintendent Notices of Intended Decision (from 2009 onwards) PE0116ORG
Pensions Pregnancy, Parental and Emergency Leave PE0132ORG
Pensions Shortened Life Expectancy PE0148ORG
Pensions Surplus Distribution by Written Agreement - The Role of Legal Counsel PE0164ORG
Pensions Natural Termination of a Pension Plan PE0180ORG
Pensions Commuted Value Transfers-Superintendent's Approval PE0005ORG
Pensions Overpayments and Plan Wind Up - FAQs PE0021ORG
Pensions Asset Transfers (Transamerica v. ING) PE0037ORG
Pensions The Valuation and Division of Pension Assets on Breakdown of a Spousal Relationship on and after January 1, 2012 PE0053ORG
Pensions Information Sessions PE0069ORG
Pensions New Definitions for \Retired Member\ and \Former Member\ PE0085ORG
Pensions Carrigan v. Carrigan Estate û Supreme Court of Canada Denies Leave PE0101ORG
Pensions Superintendent Orders (from 2009 Onwards) PE0117ORG
Pensions Conversion of a Plan from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution PE0133ORG
Pensions Locked-In Retirement Accounts (LIRAs)  PE0149ORG
Pensions S900-751 PE0165ORG
Pensions Guideline for Notice of Full or Partial Wind Up of Pension Plan PE0181ORG
Pensions Pension Sector Emergency Management Response PE0206INF
Pensions The Determination of Whether a Plan is a \Closed Plan\ PE0006ORG
Pensions Filing Information for Pension Plan Administrators PE0022ORG
Pensions Trust Issues On Plan Transfer/Merger (Transamerica) PE0038ORG
Pensions FAQs - Valuation and Division of Pension Assets on Breakdown of a Spousal Relationship PE0054ORG
Pensions Tutorials PE0070ORG
Pensions FAQs - Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIPP) PE0086ORG
Pensions General Information About Inquiries and Complaints for Pension Plan Beneficiaries PE0102ORG
Pensions Pension Fund Administration – Responsibilities of Fund Holders PE0118ORG
Pensions Deadline for Early Filing of Actuarial Funding Valuation Reports PE0134ORG
Pensions Schedule 1.1 Life Income Funds (New LIFs) PE0150ORG
Pensions Surplus Distribution in Cash in Continuing Plan PE0166ORG
Pensions Payment of Immediate Pensions & Other Benefits PE0182ORG
Pensions Treatment of Excess Contributions PE0007ORG
Pensions Information for Pension Plan Administrators PE0023ORG
Pensions Don't let pension information be a mystery PE0039ORG
Pensions Court Proceedings - Frequently Asked Questions PE0055ORG
Pensions Financial Hardship Unlocking Webcast PE0071ORG
Pensions Payment of a Small Amount under Section 50(1) of the Pension Benefits Act PE0087ORG
Pensions FSCO Pension Plan Information Access PE0103ORG
Pensions Fees and Expenses for Wind Ups and Surplus Refund Applications PE0119ORG
Pensions Extension of Deadline for Filings with FSCO PE0135ORG
Pensions Schedule 1 Life Income Funds (Old LIFs) PE0151ORG
Pensions Allocation of Surplus to Members, Former Members and Other Persons on Wind Up - PBA s. 63(7) and 70(5) - Regulation 909 s. 8 PE0167ORG
Pensions Restrictions on Payments on wind up where there is a Deficit PE0183ORG
Pensions Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Annuity Purchase and Discharge PE0008ORG
Pensions Agreement Respecting Multi-jurisdictional Pension Plans PE0024ORG
Pensions A Guide to Applying for Special Access PE0040ORG
Pensions Commuted Value - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) PE0056ORG
Pensions Webcasts PE0072ORG
Pensions Changes to Regulation 909 - June 2009 PE0088ORG
Pensions Consultations and Proposed Legislation PE0104ORG
Pensions Management and Retention of Pension Plan Records by the Administrator PE0120ORG
Pensions Funding Requirements for Designated Plans in Ontario, O. Reg. 73/95 Effective When Published PE0136ORG
Pensions 2019 Life Income Fund (LIF) and Locked-In Retirement Income Fund (LRIF) Maximum Annual Income Payment Amount Table PE0152ORG
Pensions Distribution of Surplus to Employer on Partial Wind Up - PBA s. 70(5) - Regulation 909 s. 8(1)(b) and 8(2) PE0168ORG
Pensions Active Pension Policies PE0184ORG
Pensions Approach to Requirements After Certain Annuity Purchases for Defined Benefit Plans PE0195APP
Pensions Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to the 2018 Funding Reform for Defined Benefit Pension Plans PE0009ORG
Pensions Questions and Answers on 2016 Agreement Respecting Multi-jurisdictional Pension Plans PE0025ORG
Pensions Consumer Brochures PE0041ORG
Pensions Financial Statements PE0057ORG
Pensions Webinars PE0073ORG
Pensions Surplus Withdrawal Applications PE0089ORG
Pensions Pensions PE0105ORG
Pensions Administrator’s Management of Inquiries and Complaints from Plan Beneficiaries PE0121ORG
Pensions Collection of Contributions and Delinquencies, PBA 1987 s. 23, 56-58, O. Reg. 708/87 s. 56 (formerly M900-100) Effective When Published PE0137ORG
Pensions Schedule 2 Locked-In Retirement Funds (LRIFs) PE0153ORG
Pensions Timing of Termination Statement (Effective When Published) PE0169ORG
Pensions Inactive Pension Policies PE0185ORG
Pensions Questions and Answers on Letters of Credit PE0010ORG
Pensions Regulation 177/11 made under the Pension Benefits Act - Questions & Answers - JSPPs PE0026ORG
Pensions Know the facts about your registered pension plan PE0042ORG
Pensions Phased Retirement - Frequently Asked Questions PE0058ORG
Pensions Webinar on Valuation and Division of Pension Assets on Breakdown of a Spousal Relationship PE0074ORG
Pensions Payment of A Survivor Pension Small Amount - Section 44(7) of the Pension Benefits Act PE0090ORG
Pensions Indalex Supreme Court Decision PE0106ORG
Pensions Use of Superintendent Approved Pension Forms -PBA s. 113.2 PE0122ORG
Pensions F800-975 PE0138ORG
Pensions Eligibility for Membership in a Pension Plan PE0154ORG
Pensions T500-601 PE0170ORG
Pensions Pension Policies PE0186ORG
Pensions Limitations on Commuted Value Transfers and Annuity Purchases (DB Pension Plans) PE0202APP
Pensions Letters of Credit PE0011ORG
Pensions Requirement to Use Approved Forms PE0027ORG
Pensions Lester Wong, FSCO's Interim Deputy Superintendent, Pensions PE0043ORG
Pensions Financial Hardship Unlocking User Guide For Financial Institutions PE0059ORG
Pensions Resources from the Webinar on the Valuation and Division of Pension Assets on Breakdown of a Spousal Relationship PE0075ORG
Pensions Transfers to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or to a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) PE0091ORG
Pensions Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) PE0107ORG
Pensions Electronic Communications Between Plan Administrators and Plan Beneficiaries PE0123ORG
Pensions Disclosure Expectations for Financial Statements Filed Pursuant to Regulation 909 s. 76​ PE0139ORG
Pensions Class of Employees PE0155ORG
Pensions No Transfer Rights Outside Canada Size PE0171ORG
Pensions Previous Policy Reviews PE0187ORG
Pensions Funding and Actuarial Filing Requirements For Plan Improvements under the New Funding Regime PE0012ORG
Pensions Regulation Changes to the Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF) PE0028ORG
Pensions FSCO Deputy Superintendent of Pensions: Statement on pension plans in Ontario PE0044ORG
Pensions Financial Hardship Unlocking Questions & Answers PE0060ORG
Pensions Investment PE0076ORG
Pensions FAQs on Old Life Income Funds (LIFs) PE0092ORG
Pensions Helpful Links PE0108ORG
Pensions Searching for Plan Beneficiaries PE0124ORG
Pensions Benefit Accrual in Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans PE0140ORG
Pensions Separate Pension Plan for Part-Time Employees - Reasonably Equivalent Pension Benefits and Other Benefits PE0156ORG
Pensions T800-900 PE0172ORG
Pensions Pension Policy Review Project PE0188ORG
Pensions 2017 Report on the Funding of Defined Benefit Pension Plans in Ontario - 14th Annual Report PE0013ORG
Pensions Archived PE0029ORG
Pensions Microsoft Word - Chart - Retention Schedule for Pension Plan draft.web posting PE0045ORG
Pensions Financial Hardship Unlocking Questions & Answers PE0061ORG
Pensions Annual Statements of Members' Pension Benefits - Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures Content PE0077ORG
Pensions FAQs on Rules for Ontario Locked-In Accounts PE0093ORG
Pensions Pension Decisions PE0109ORG
Pensions Waiver of Biennial Statements for Missing Former and Retired Members PE0125ORG
Pensions Benefit Accrual - Application to MEPPs PE0141ORG
Pensions Mandatory versus Optional Membership in a Pension Plan PE0157ORG
Pensions Filing Requirements and Procedure on Full or Partial Wind Up of a Pension Plan PE0173ORG
Pensions Updates/Announcements PE0189ORG
Pensions Quarterly Update on Estimated Solvency Funded Status of Defined Benefit Plans in Ontario PE0014ORG
Pensions Pension Assessments PE0030ORG
Pensions e-Blasts: Pensions PE0046ORG
Pensions Financial Hardship Unlocking - Resources PE0062ORG
Pensions Biennial Statements Required for Former and Retired Members PE0078ORG
Pensions FAQs on Unlocking a Locked-in Account if you are a Non-Resident of Canada PE0094ORG
Pensions Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF) PE0110ORG
Pensions General Information Regarding Annual Information Returns PE0126ORG
Pensions Benefit Accrual in a MEPP - Clarification PE0142ORG
Pensions Approaches and Revenue Canada Considerations (formerly O100-100) Effective When Published PE0158ORG
Pensions Conditional Notice of Intended Wind Up Not Permitted PE0174ORG
Pensions Defined Benefit Application Processes and Service Targets PE0190ORG
Pensions 2020 Life Income Fund (LIF) and Locked-In Retirement Income Fund (LRIF) Maximum Annual Income Payment Amount Table PE0196INF
Pensions Administrative Penalties Guideline PE0015ORG
Pensions Asset Transfers - Frequently Asked Questions (s. 80, 81) PE0031ORG
Pensions e-Blasts: Pensions PE0047ORG
Pensions Process for Financial Hardship Unlocking PE0063ORG
Pensions Crediting Interest on Contributions and Payments PE0079ORG
Pensions FAQs on New Life Income Funds (LIFs) PE0095ORG
Pensions FAQs - Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF) PE0111ORG
Pensions Change of Custodian – Filing and Amendment Requirements PE0127ORG
Pensions Court Proceedings - Involvement of FSCO/Superintendent of Financial Services PE0143ORG
Pensions Pension Plans are Not Flexible Benefit Plans PE0159ORG
Pensions Treatment of Prior Year Credit Balance PE0175ORG
Pensions Application Processes and Service Targets PE0191ORG
Pensions Pension Sector Guiding Principles PE0197APP
Pensions E-blast - MJPPA - to plans without Quebec members PE0016ORG
Pensions Trust Issues on Pension Plan Asset Transfer1: Checklist PE0032ORG
Pensions Electronic Filing - Mandatory from January 1, 2013 PE0048ORG
Pensions Rules for Financial Hardship Unlocking PE0064ORG
Pensions Questions and Answers on the New Grow-in Rules under Section 74 of the Pension Benefits Act PE0080ORG
Pensions Locked-In Accounts PE0096ORG
Pensions A Guide To Understanding Your Pension Plan PE0112ORG
Pensions Types of Asset Transfers PE0128ORG
Pensions IGN-002 PE0144ORG
Pensions Refund of Additional Voluntary Contributions to Active Members PE0160ORG
Pensions Allocation of Assets in a Multi-Jurisdictional Pension Plan Providing Defined Benefits Guaranteed in Whole or in Part by the Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund PE0176ORG
Pensions Targeted Reviews PE0192ORG
Pensions Discontinuance of the Bank of Canada Series V122515 and V122495 PE0198INF
Pensions Solvency Funding Relief Measures PE0001ORG
Pensions E-blast - MJPPA - to plans with Quebec members PE0017ORG
Pensions Asset Transfer Rules before January 1, 2014 PE0033ORG
Pensions FAQs - Pension Services Portal (PSP) PE0049ORG
Pensions Financial Hardship Unlocking Forms PE0065ORG
Pensions Individual Pension Plans PE0081ORG
Pensions Changes To The Rules For Ontario Locked-In Accounts - O. Reg. 239/09 PE0097ORG
Pensions Pension Bulletins (Prior to October 2009) PE0113ORG
Pensions Determination of Interest Payments Where Solvency Special Payments Are Covered by Letters of Credit  PE0129ORG
Pensions IGN-003 PE0145ORG
Pensions Registration of a Pension Plan and a Pension Plan Amendment PE0161ORG
Pensions Vesting, Locking In & Growing In on Wind Up PE0177ORG
Pensions Pension Scams Cost You More than Retirement Savings PE0193ORG
Pensions 2018 Funding Reform for Defined Benefit Pension Plans PE0002ORG
Pensions Effective Date of a Plan Amendment that Reduces Benefits - Questions and Answers PE0018ORG
Pensions Asset Transfers Between Pension Plans PE0034ORG
Pensions Fact Sheets: News Segments PE0050ORG
Pensions Pension Forms PE0066ORG
Pensions Legislative and Regulatory Changes PE0082ORG
Pensions Pension Unlocking: Non-Hardship PE0098ORG
Pensions Superintendent Consents (from 2009 onwards) PE0114ORG
Pensions Definition of Bridging Benefit PE0130ORG
Pensions IGN-004 PE0146ORG
Pensions Partial Wind Up - Identification and Administration of Surplus PE0162ORG
Pensions Distribution of Benefits on Partial Wind Up Where Immediate or Deferred Pensions are Not Purchased PE0178ORG
Pensions Beware of Scams Involving Your Retirement Savings, Regulators Warn PE0194ORG
Pensions Supervisory Approach for Single Employer Defined Benefit Pension Plans that are Actively Monitored PE0199APP
Pensions Ability to Take Contribution Holidays and Pay PBGF Assessments PE0003ORG
Pensions Administrative Penalties PE0019ORG
Pensions Applications for Transfer of Assets on Sale or Merger PE0035ORG
Pensions Superintendent of Financial Services Approved Family Law Forms PE0051ORG
Pensions IGN-001 PE0067ORG
Pensions Legislative Changes July 1, 2012 PE0083ORG
Pensions Accessing Plan Records and Information PE0099ORG
Pensions Superintendent Declarations (from 2009 onwards) PE0115ORG
Pensions Payments from a Defined Contribution/Money Purchase Benefit PE0131ORG
Pensions IGN-005 PE0147ORG
Pensions Application by Employer for Payment of Surplus on Wind Up of Pension Plan PE0163ORG
Pensions Payment of Benefits on Partial Wind Up PE0179ORG
Superintendent Treating Financial Services Consumers Fairly Guideline GR0002ORG
Superintendent Rule #1 - Electronic Service and Delivery Rule GR0003ORG
Superintendent Rule #2 - Mandatory Electronic Filings Rule GR0004ORG
Superintendent Superintendent's Electronic Service & Delivery and Filing Rules GR0005ORG
Superintendent Rules of Practice and Procedure for Hearings Before the Superintendent of Financial Services GR0006ORG
Superintendent Advisory Board GR0007ORG
Superintendent Treating Financial Services Consumers Fairly Guideline: Frequently Asked Questions GR0001ORG