The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is responsible for supervising and regulating a broad range of financial service sectors. We issue guidance to make it easier for the public, new entrants and incumbents to understand what is legally binding, what is FSRA’s interpretation or application of law and what information is designed to be helpful. We issue this guidance under our new Guidance Framework.

When FSRA assumed the regulatory duties of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO), we inherited all guidance issued by these legacy regulators. We conducted an initial review of this material to identify which guidance needs to remain active. Through this process, we have reduced our active guidance by approximately 40%.

This page lists all of FSRA’s active guidance. It includes both new guidance issued by FSRA and guidance inherited from FSCO and DICO that remains active.

New Guidance

The New Guidance table lists the five most recent guidance documents issued by FSRA. To view all active guidance both issued by FSRA and inherited from FSCO and DICO, see the All Active Guidance table.

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SectorGuidance NameGuidance Number
Fair Treatment of Customers in InsuranceGR0008APP
AutoFinancial Literacy PortalAU0001ORG
AutoImplementing Automobile Insurance Reforms: Amendments to the Ontario Automobile Policy and Related FormsAU0017ORG
AutoChanges to Automobile Insurance Regulations; Guideline UpdateAU0034ORG
AutoSuperintendent’s Guideline No. 01/18: Attendant Care Hourly Rate GuidelineAU0053ORG
AutoRegulation on lapse in automobile insurance coverageAU0069ORG
AutoAuto Insurance Consumers' Bill of RightsAU0085ORG
AutoTechnical NotesAU0101ORG
AutoApply to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims FundAU0117ORG
AutoGuideline on Public Hospitals and Determination of Catastrophic ImpairmentAU0134INT
AutoWhat to Do If You Think You are a Victim of a Scam or FraudAU0002ORG
AutoRevised Accident Benefit Claims Forms and New Attendant Care Hourly Rate GuidelineAU0018ORG
AutoRevised Certificate of Automobile Insurance Form and Data ElementsAU0035ORG
AutoRevised Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline and Clarification of Health Care Providers Subject to the Professional Services GuidelineAU0054ORG
AutoAmendments to the Ontario Garage Automobile Policy (OAP 4) and related forms, and amendments to the Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1) and related formsAU0070ORG
AutoAfter an Auto Accident: Understanding the Claims ProcessAU0086ORG
AutoUnderwriting appendixAU0102ORG
AutoApply to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims FundAU0118ORG
Auto2021 Automobile Insurance Indexation Amounts Guidance (updated December 18, 2020)AU0129DEC
AutoImplementing Automobile Insurance Reforms Under Bill 198: Revised Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1) and related Policy and Endorsement FormsAU0003ORG
AutoPublication of Private Arbitration Decisions Involving Ontario Regulation 283/95: Disputes Between InsurersAU0019ORG
AutoCost of Goods GuidelineAU0036ORG
AutoHealth Care for Auto Insurance GuidelineAU0055ORG
AutoImplementing Bill 59: consumer brochures, SABS, and new/revised formsAU0071ORG
AutoUnderstanding Insurance for Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, and Other Motorized VehiclesAU0087ORG
AutoList of guidelinesAU0103ORG
AutoLink to Auto Insurance PageAU0119ORG
AutoAutomobile insurance underwriting rulesAU0004ORG
AutoNew and Revised Policy and Endorsement FormsAU0020ORG
AutoProcessing Direct Payments to Service Providers for "Listed Expenses"AU0038ORG
AutoRevised Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) Guideline – Including the Assessment of Attendant Care Needs Form (Form 1)AU0056ORG
AutoCoverage and rating for volunteer driversAU0072ORG
AutoProtecting Yourself When Renting an AutomobileAU0088ORG
Autoendorsements guidelinesAU0104ORG
AutoFighting Auto Insurance Fraud: What You Can DoAU0120ORG
AutoAmendments to the Ontario Garage Policy AU0005ORG
AutoChanges to Ontario Regulation 7/00: Unfair or Deceptive Acts or PracticesAU0021ORG
AutoImplementing Automobile Insurance Reforms: Amendments to the Ontario Automobile Application, Endorsement and Related FormsAU0039ORG
AutoTechnical Amendments to Auto Insurance RegulationsAU0057ORG
AutoLoss transferAU0073ORG
AutoDon't Get Scammed Buying Auto InsuranceAU0089ORG
Autoforms filings AU0105ORG
AutoPrivate Arbitration DecisionsAU0121ORG
AutoEmergency Service Provider's Insurance Protection Act (Insurance Amendment), 2004AU0006ORG
AutoOptional Indexation Benefit Guideline
AutoImplementing Automobile Insurance Reforms: Amendments to the Accident Benefit Claims FormsAU0040ORG
AutoAmendments to Three Ontario Automobile Policy Forms - OAP 1, OPF 2 and OAP 4AU0058ORG
AutoImplementing Bill 59: 'Protected defendant' undertaking to Ontario by out-of-province insurersAU0074ORG
AutoTips for Avoiding Tow Truck and Storage ScamsAU0090ORG
AutoKey Leg Reg OverviewAU0106ORG
AutoSuperintendent's and Commissioner's Guidelines - Auto Insurance SABSAU0123ORG
AutoInnovative Auto Insurance Products-Subscriptions (“IAIP-S”)AU0130APP
AutoExcluded Driver Endorsements (OPCF 28A and O.E.F. 78A)AU0007ORG
AutoInsurer Rights and Responsibilities to Challenge Questionable or Abusive ClaimsAU0023ORG
AutoAmendments to Accident Benefit Forms - Application for Determination of Catastrophic Impairment (OCF-19) and Standard Benefit StatementAU0041ORG
AutoAutomobile Insurance Underwriting Rules and Risk Classification VariablesAU0059ORG
AutoUnderstanding the operation of OPCF 47 - Optional Accident BenefitsAU0075ORG
AutoHow to Save on Auto InsuranceAU0091ORG
AutoOther than PPA MajorAU0107ORG
Auto2019 Automobile Insurance Legislated and Regulatory Adjustments and Optional Indexation Rates Under the Statutory Accident Benefit ScheduleAU0124ORG
AutoRevised Ontario Garage Automobile Policy (O.A.P. 4) and Other Automobile Insurance FormsAU0008ORG
AutoNew Regulations for Service Provider Licensing and Changes to Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule – Effective September 1, 2010AU0025ORG
AutoAmendments to Automobile Insurance Regulations AU0042ORG
AutoRegulation on Endorsement for Optional Benefits in the SABSAU0060ORG
AutoLoss transfer: standardized forms and proceduresAU0076ORG
AutoStaged Auto Accidents: Protect Yourself from this FraudAU0092ORG
AutoOther than PPA MinorAU0108ORG
AutoSuperintendent's Guideline No. 04/16: Transportation Expense GuidelineAU0125ORG
AutoNew and Revise Accident Benefit Claim formsAU0009ORG
AutoMinor Injury GuidelineAU0026ORG
AutoAmendments to the Settlement Disclosure NoticeAU0043ORG
AutoNew background design for Motor Vehicle Liability insurance cardAU0061ORG
AutoFSCO's clarification about the exemption for fleetsAU0077ORG
AutoAuto Insurance Consumer ResourcesAU0093ORG
AutoAuto Insurance – Consumer Relief during A Declared Emergency under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection ActAU0131INT
AutoAn Administrative Lapse or a Suspension of a Driver’s LicenceAU0010ORG
AutoProfessional Services GuidelineAU0027ORG
AutoAmendment to Catastrophic Impairment DefinitionAU0045ORG
AutoSecond set of plain-language policy change formsAU0062ORG
AutoRevised bulletin on the definition of "Fleet"AU0078ORG
AutoAnalysis of Reform Cost and Loss Trend Rates for Ontario Private Passenger Automobile InsuranceAU0094ORG
AutoUnderwriting technical notesAU0110ORG
AutoAmendments to the Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1) and related forms AU0011ORG
AutoRevised Minor Injury Guideline and Treatment and Assessment Plan (OCF-18)AU0028ORG
AutoRevised Assessment of Attendant Care Needs and Introduction of Form 1 HCAI Pilot ProjectAU0046ORG
AutoFOIPOP and Rate FilingsAU0063ORG
AutoLoss transfer revisitedAU0079ORG
AutoOther Automobile Insurance FormsAU0111ORG
AutoBest Practices for Preferred Provider Networks (PPNs)AU0012ORG
AutoNew Regulations for Service Provider Licensing and Proclamation OrderAU0029ORG
AutoPrivate Vehicles for Hire - Ridesharing: Fleet Insurance Policy (Intact/Uber), Approval of an Electronic Insurance Card for Ridesharing, and Amendments to the Definition of “Fleet”AU0047ORG
AutoRental Vehicles and the Priority RulesAU0064ORG
AutoRevised OEF 4a, 5 and 5cAU0080ORG
AutoAutomobile Insurance Policy (O.A.P. 1), Application and Endorsement FormsAU0112ORG
AutoStandard FilingAU0126APP
AutoAmendments to the Ontario Garage Policy (O.A.P. 4) and Other Commercial Automobile Insurance Forms AU0013ORG
AutoNew Proclamation Dates for Service Provider LicensingAU0030ORG
AutoRevised Auto Insurance Claim Forms: OCF-18, OCF-21 and OCF-23AU0048ORG
AutoComplete set of endorsements attached to O.P.F. 1 (Owner's Policy)AU0065ORG
AutoMotor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card (Canada/Inter-Province)AU0081ORG
AutoGarage Automobile Policy (O.A.P. 4), Application and Endorsement FormsAU0113ORG
Auto2020 Automobile Insurance Indexation AmountsAU0129DEC
AutoCost of Assessments and Examinations GuidelineAU0127INF
AutoCompulsory Automobile Insurance Act (CAIA) "Insurance Card" AU0014ORG
AutoUpdated Professional Services GuidelineAU0031ORG
AutoRevised Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline and Transportation Expense GuidelineAU0049ORG
AutoFrench Automobile Insurance FormsAU0066ORG
AutoNon-Renewal Risk Due to Broker CancellationAU0082ORG
AutoAuto Insurance Claims Forms (OCF Forms)AU0114ORG
AutoLoss Trend Benchmarks for Private Passenger Automobile Major Rate Filings based on Industry Data as of December 31st, 2019AU0132APP
AutoModernizing Automobile Insurance - Approval of Electronic Insurance CardAU0128APP
Auto2009 Indexation Percentage under Bill 59/198, 2009 Indexation Percentage and Revised Deductibles/Monetary Amounts under Bill 164, and Changes to the Conservative Mennonite Automobile Brotherhood Assistance Plan Exemption Identification CardAU0015ORG
AutoAmendments to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, Service Provider Regulations, Administrative Penalties and Eligibility for Transportation ExpensesAU0032ORG
AutoAmendments to the Private Passenger Automobile Filing Guidelines and Technical Notes AU0050ORG
AutoFacility Association amendment to eligibility rules in the residual marketAU0067ORG
AutoWhat do to do in accident brochureAU0083ORG
AutoHealth Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI)AU0115ORG
AutoChanges to Ontario Regulation 283/95: Disputes Between InsurersAU0016ORG
AutoLate Payments From Insurers to Licensed Service ProvidersAU0033ORG
AutoUpdated Automobile Insurance Filing GuidelinesAU0052ORG
AutoThird set of policy change formsAU0068ORG
AutoUnderstanding Automobile InsuranceAU0084ORG
AutoPrivate Passenger Automobile Filing Guidelines - MajorAU0100ORG
AutoAuto Insurance Fraud HotlineAU0116ORG
AutoStatutory Accident Benefits Claims during the COVID-19 OutbreakAU0133INT
CU-CPResolution of the Board of DirectorsCU0010ORG
CU-CP2010 CUCPA and Regulations FAQsCU0028ORG
CU-CPCapital Advisory #1 - Capital Treatment of Computer Software IntangiblesCU0046ORG
CU-CPBy-Law #6CU0011ORG
CU-CP2010 CUCPA and Regulations FAQsCU0029ORG
CU-CPOperational Risk Advisory #1 - Outsourcing Servicing of Owned ATM'sCU0047ORG
CU-CPCapital Adequacy GuidelineCU0012ORG
CU-CPDirector Training and Qualifications GN - Less Complex CusCU0030ORG
CU-CPLending Advisory #2 - Authorized Participants in Loan SyndicationsCU0048ORG
CU-CPDetails about Compliance Orders Issued by DICOCU0013ORG
CU-CPDirector Training and Qualifications GN - More Complex CusCU0031ORG
CU-CPOperational Risk Advisory #2 - Potential Risks Associated with Providing Banking Services to Money Service Businesses (MSBs)CU0049ORG
CU-CPCommercial Lending Policy Development GuideCU0014ORG
CU-CPERM Guidance NoteCU0032ORG
CU-CPLending Advisory #3 - Mortgage Lending Practices and Potential Real Estate Market CorrectionCU0050ORG
CU-CPLiquidity Coverage Ratio Completion GuideCU0066INT
CU-CPCommercial Lending Policy Development Guide -Cover LetterCU0015ORG
CU-CPICAAP Guidance NoteCU0033ORG
CU-CPCapital Risk Advisory #1 - Credit Union Shares Held as SecurityCU0051ORG
CU-CPNet Cumulative Cash Flow Completion GuideCU0067INT
CU-CPDICO Service Standards as Outlined in the CUCPACU0018ORG
CU-CPInvestments Guidance NoteCU0034ORG
CU-CPMarket Risk Advisory #1 - Investment in Digital CurrenciesCU0052ORG
CU-CPNet Stable Funding Ratio Completion GuideCU0068INT
CU-CPDirector's HandbookCU0019ORG
CU-CPLending Guidance NoteCU0035ORG
CU-CPMarket Risk Advisory #2 - Investment in a Pool of Individual Mortgages and Mortgage PoolsCU0053ORG
CU-CPAnnual Meeting Requirements: Credit Unions and Insurance CompaniesCU0061INF
CU-CPStress TestingCU0065INT
CU-CPCover Letter for External Auditor Role for High Risk AreasCU0001ORG
CU-CPDirector Candidate Information GuideCU0020ORG
CU-CPSecuritization Guidance NoteCU0037ORG
CU-CPLending Advisory #4 - Mortgage Lending PracticesCU0054ORG
CU-CPExternal Auditor Role for High Risk AreasCU0002ORG
CU-CPDirector Candidate Information GuideCU0021ORG
CU-CPStress Testing Guidance NoteCU0038ORG
CU-CPLending Advisory #5 - Mortgages Lending PracticesCU0055ORG
CU-CPApplication StandardsCU0003ORG
CU-CPDirector Training Self Assessment GuideCU0022ORG
CU-CPStructural Risk Guidance NoteCU0039ORG
CU-CPLending Advisory #3 - Authorized Syndicating (Lead) Credit Unions in a Loan SyndicationCU0056ORG
CU-CP Capital Treatment of Loans under the Federal Government Business Credit Availability Program and Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program GuaranteeCU0062INT
CU-CPApplication Guide for Director Training - Less Complex CusCU0004ORG
CU-CPDirector Training and Qualifications Policy DevelopmentCU0023ORG
CU-CPCover Letter for ICAAP Stress Testing GNCU0040ORG
CU-CPGuidance Note: Corporate Governance--Audit CommitteeCU0057ORG
CU-CPApplication Guide for Director Training - More Complex CusCU0005ORG
CU-CPDirector Training and Qualifications Policy DevelopmentCU0024ORG
CU-CPDICO's Other Power Under the ActCU0041ORG
CU-CPGuidance Note: Corporate Governance--Board of DirectorsCU0058ORG
CU-CPAudit Committee HandbookCU0006ORG
CU-CPERM Application GuideCU0025ORG
CU-CPSound Business and Financial Practices ManualCU0043ORG
CU-CPGuidance Note: Corporate Governance--ManagementCU0059ORG
CU-CPBy Law #5CU0008ORG
CU-CPERM FrameworkCU0026ORG
CU-CPDICO Variations and Exemptions under the CUCPACU0044ORG
CU-CPCommecial Lending ToolsCU0009ORG
CU-CPFiling Requirements for Insured InstitutionsCU0027ORG
CU-CPLending Advisory #1 - Lending Limits and Creditor InsuranceCU0045ORG
CU-CPIncorporating and Registering a New Credit Union or Caisse Populaire CU0060ORG
CU-CPResidential Mortgage LendingCU0063INT
HSPService Providers 2017 AIR Results Summary ReportHP0004ORG
HSPMarital Status, Corporate Name Changes, Principal RepresentativeHP0020ORG
HSPSubscription CentreHP0036ORG
HSPService Provider Licensing GuideHP0005ORG
HSPAccess to Claimant Personal Health InformationHP0021ORG
HSPAbout The LicenceHP0006ORG
HSPTechnical Support/TroubleshootingHP0022ORG
HSPAbout the Principal RepresentativeHP0007ORG
HSPTravel ExpensesHP0023ORG
HSPAdd/ Remove a Director, Officer or PartnerHP0008ORG
HSPWill I need a Licence?HP0024ORG
HSPAttendant Care BenefitsHP0009ORG
HSPWhat's New in Service ProvidersHP0025ORG
HSPBusiness StandardsHP0010ORG
HSPDon't make your business vulnerable by collecting signatures on blank treatment formsHP0026ORG
HSPService Providers 2016-17 Market Conduct Compliance: Examination ResultsHP0027ORG
HSPService Providers 2017/2018 Market Conduct Compliance: Examination ResultsHP0028ORG
HSPLicensed Service Provider Frequently Asked Questions on the AIR and Annual Regulatory FeeHP0029ORG
HSPGetting ReadyHP0014ORG
HSPSample - Service Provider Annual Information Return (AIR)HP0030ORG
HSPHCAI RegistrationHP0015ORG
HSPApply Now for a Service Provider LicenceHP0031ORG
HSPLicence AmendmentsHP0016ORG
HSPHow to Resolve a Complaint about Billing Practices in the Service Providers SectorHP0032ORG
HSPLicence ApplicationHP0017ORG
HSPPublic Registry of Licensed Service ProvidersHP0033ORG
HSPReducing abuse and fraud in health care services for Auto Insurance: everyone has a role to playHP0002ORG
HSPLicence Suspension, Revocation And SurrenderHP0018ORG
HSPService Provider Sector ReportsHP0034ORG
HSPService Providers 2016 AIR Results Summary ReportHP0003ORG
HSPListed ExpensesHP0019ORG
HSPService providers: How to update your contact information and file the Annual Information Return (AIR)HP0035ORG
InsuranceInvestments by Insurers GuidelinePC0014ORG
InsuranceBorrowing to Purchase Life Insurance Products - Risks and SuitabilityPC0016ORG
InsuranceCharitable or Gift AnnuitiesPC0017ORG
InsuranceNegative Option Marketing/BillingPC0018ORG
InsuranceGuideline - Use of Canadian Depository for Securities LimitedPC0019ORG
InsuranceReinsurance guidelines for Ontario incorporated and licensed companiesPC0020ORG
InsuranceAmalgamations and Portfolio TransfersPC0021ORG
InsuranceNew reporting requirement is effective immediately: Report the life insurers you represent, have a contract with and/or on whose behalf you sell insurance productsPC0039ORG
InsuranceFSCO updates Licensing Link to help life insurers better monitor their agentsPC0040ORG
InsuranceSuperintendentÆs Minimum Capital Test GuidelinePC0041ORG
MortgageCompliance Checklist for Managing the Mortgage Administrator, Keeping Records and Trust AccountsMB0014ORG
MortgageReporting Requirements for Mortgage AdministratorsMB0035ORG
MortgageAmended Disclosure Forms 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 for Non-Qualified Syndicated MortgagesMB0038INT
MortgageErrors & Omissions Insurance RequirementsMB0018ORG
MortgageWebinar ResourcesMB0036ORG
MortgageFrequently Asked Questions for the Mortgage Broker IndustryMB0019ORG
MortgageFAQ on Business RequirementsMB0020ORG
MortgageMortgage Administrator Licence Application - Instructions for completing the applicationMB0021ORG
MortgageMortgage Brokerage Licence Application - Instructions for completing the applicationMB0022ORG
MortgageMortgage Brokering FormsMB0023ORG
MortgageMortgage Broker and Mortgage Agent EducationMB0026ORG
MortgageHow to Resolve a Complaint About a Mortgage Brokerage, Broker, Agent or AdministratorMB0027ORG
MortgageEducation FAQ - Mortgage Brokering IndustryMB0028ORG
MortgageExisting Mortgage Brokerages and AdministratorsMB0029ORG
MortgageRequirements for Promoting Syndicated Mortgage InvestmentsMB0006ORG
MortgageGovernment of Canada ResourcesMB0030ORG
MortgageMortgage Administrators – Responses to Market DisruptionsMB0039INT
MortgageYour responsibilities to prevent mortgage fraudMB0007ORG
MortgageLegislation: Act & RegulationsMB0031ORG
MortgageMortgage Brokerage Disclosure and Suitability Assessments for Non-Qualified Syndicated Mortgage Investments (SMIs) – Responses to Market DisruptionsMB0040INT
MortgageCompliance Checklist for Mortgage AdministratorsMB0011ORG
MortgageLicensing FAQMB0032ORG
MortgageCompliance Checklist for Managing the Mortgage BrokerageMB0012ORG
MortgageApplying for a New LicenceMB0033ORG
MortgageSupervision Approach for High-risk Syndicated Mortgage InvestmentsMB0037APP
MortgageCompliance Checklist for Mortgage Brokerages, Brokers & AgentsMB0013ORG
MortgageMortgage Brokering Sector Compliance ReviewsMB0034ORG
PensionsAdministrative PenaltiesPE0019ORG
PensionsFAQs - Valuation and Division of Pension Assets on Breakdown of a Spousal RelationshipPE0054ORG
PensionsCrediting Interest on Contributions and PaymentsPE0079ORG
PensionsAccessing Plan Records and InformationPE0099ORG
PensionsFees and Expenses for Wind Ups and Surplus Refund ApplicationsPE0119ORG
PensionsClass of EmployeesPE0155ORG
PensionsDistribution of Benefits on Partial Wind Up Where Immediate or Deferred Pensions are Not PurchasedPE0178ORG
PensionsOverpayments and Plan Wind Up - FAQsPE0021ORG
PensionsCourt Proceedings - Frequently Asked QuestionsPE0055ORG
PensionsQuestions and Answers on the New Grow-in Rules under Section 74 of the Pension Benefits ActPE0080ORG
PensionsGeneral Information About Inquiries and Complaints for Pension Plan BeneficiariesPE0102ORG
PensionsManagement and Retention of Pension Plan Records by the AdministratorPE0120ORG
PensionsDisclosure Expectations for Financial Statements Filed Pursuant to Regulation 909 s. 76​PE0139ORG
PensionsSeparate Pension Plan for Part-Time Employees - Reasonably Equivalent Pension Benefits and Other BenefitsPE0156ORG
PensionsPayment of Benefits on Partial Wind UpPE0179ORG
PensionsMissing Members - Principles and PracticesPE0203INF
PensionsAbility to Take Contribution Holidays and Pay PBGF AssessmentsPE0003ORG
PensionsFiling Information for Pension Plan AdministratorsPE0022ORG
PensionsCommuted Value - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)PE0056ORG
PensionsIndividual Pension PlansPE0081ORG
PensionsFSCO Pension Plan Information AccessPE0103ORG
PensionsAdministrator’s Management of Inquiries and Complaints from Plan BeneficiariesPE0121ORG
PensionsBenefit Accrual in Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution PlansPE0140ORG
PensionsMandatory versus Optional Membership in a Pension PlanPE0157ORG
PensionsNatural Termination of a Pension PlanPE0180ORG
PensionsLife Income Fund (LIF) and Locked-In Retirement Income Fund (LRIF) Maximum Annual Income Payment Amount TablePE0196INF
PensionsThe Determination of Whether a Plan is a \Closed Plan\PE0006ORG
PensionsAgreement Respecting Multi-jurisdictional Pension PlansPE0024ORG
PensionsFinancial StatementsPE0057ORG
PensionsOpting out of the new grow-in provisions by JSPPs and MEPPsPE0084ORG
PensionsConsultations and Proposed LegislationPE0104ORG
PensionsElectronic Communications Between Plan Administrators and Plan BeneficiariesPE0123ORG
PensionsBenefit Accrual - Application to MEPPsPE0141ORG
PensionsPension Plans are Not Flexible Benefit PlansPE0159ORG
PensionsGuideline for Notice of Full or Partial Wind Up of Pension Plan PE0181ORG
PensionsPension Sector Guiding PrinciplesPE0197APP
PensionsTreatment of Excess ContributionsPE0007ORG
PensionsQuestions and Answers on 2016 Agreement Respecting Multi-jurisdictional Pension PlansPE0025ORG
PensionsPhased Retirement - Frequently Asked QuestionsPE0058ORG
PensionsNew Definitions for \Retired Member\ and \Former Member\PE0085ORG
PensionsIndividual Pension Plans (IPPs)PE0107ORG
PensionsSearching for Plan BeneficiariesPE0124ORG
PensionsBenefit Accrual in a MEPP - ClarificationPE0142ORG
PensionsRefund of Additional Voluntary Contributions to Active MembersPE0160ORG
PensionsDefined Benefit Application Processes and Service TargetsPE0190ORG
PensionsDiscontinuance of the Bank of Canada Series V122515 and V122495PE0198INF
PensionsFrequently Asked Questions pertaining to Annuity Purchase and DischargePE0008ORG
PensionsRegulation 177/11 made under the Pension Benefits Act - Questions & Answers - JSPPsPE0026ORG
PensionsFinancial Hardship Unlocking User Guide For Financial InstitutionsPE0059ORG
PensionsFAQs - Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIPP)PE0086ORG
PensionsHelpful LinksPE0108ORG
PensionsGeneral Information Regarding Annual Information ReturnsPE0126ORG
PensionsCourt Proceedings - Involvement of FSCO/Superintendent of Financial ServicesPE0143ORG
PensionsRegistration of a Pension Plan and a Pension Plan AmendmentPE0161ORG
PensionsTargeted ReviewsPE0192ORG
PensionsFrequently Asked Questions Pertaining to the 2018 Funding Reform for Defined Benefit Pension PlansPE0009ORG
PensionsFinancial Hardship Unlocking Questions & AnswersPE0060ORG
PensionsPayment of a Small Amount under Section 50(1) of the Pension Benefits ActPE0087ORG
PensionsPension DecisionsPE0109ORG
PensionsChange of Custodian – Filing and Amendment RequirementsPE0127ORG
PensionsApplication by Employer for Payment of Surplus on Wind Up of Pension PlanPE0163ORG
PensionsBeware of Scams Involving Your Retirement Savings, Regulators WarnPE0194ORG
PensionsSupervisory Approach for Single Employer Defined Benefit Pension Plans that are Actively MonitoredPE0199APP
PensionsQuestions and Answers on Letters of CreditPE0010ORG
PensionsAsset Transfers - Frequently Asked Questions (s. 80, 81)PE0031ORG
PensionsFinancial Hardship Unlocking Questions & AnswersPE0061ORG
PensionsSurplus Withdrawal ApplicationsPE0089ORG
PensionsPension Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF)PE0110ORG
PensionsTypes of Asset TransfersPE0128ORG
PensionsSurplus Distribution by Written Agreement - The Role of Legal Counsel PE0164ORG
PensionsLetters of CreditPE0011ORG
PensionsDon't let pension information be a mysteryPE0039ORG
PensionsRules for Financial Hardship UnlockingPE0064ORG
PensionsPayment of A Survivor Pension Small Amount - Section 44(7) of the Pension Benefits ActPE0090ORG
PensionsFAQs - Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF)PE0111ORG
PensionsDetermination of Interest Payments Where Solvency Special Payments Are Covered by Letters of Credit PE0129ORG
PensionsFunding and Actuarial Filing Requirements For Plan Improvements under the New Funding RegimePE0012ORG
PensionsA Guide to Applying for Special AccessPE0040ORG
PensionsFinancial Hardship Unlocking FormsPE0065ORG
PensionsTransfers to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or to a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)PE0091ORG
PensionsA Guide To Understanding Your Pension PlanPE0112ORG
PensionsPayments from a Defined Contribution/Money Purchase BenefitPE0131ORG
PensionsSurplus Distribution in Cash in Continuing PlanPE0166ORG
PensionsPension Sector Emergency Management ResponsePE0206INF
PensionsMarriage Breakdown and Pension Credits PE0207ORG
Pensions2017 Report on the Funding of Defined Benefit Pension Plans in Ontario - 14th Annual ReportPE0013ORG
PensionsKnow the facts about your registered pension planPE0042ORG
PensionsPension FormsPE0066ORG
PensionsFAQs on Old Life Income Funds (LIFs)PE0092ORG
PensionsPension Bulletins (Prior to October 2009)PE0113ORG
PensionsPregnancy, Parental and Emergency LeavePE0132ORG
PensionsShortened Life ExpectancyPE0148ORG
PensionsAllocation of Surplus to Members, Former Members and Other Persons on Wind Up - PBA s. 63(7) and 70(5) - Regulation 909 s. 8PE0167ORG
PensionsAdditional Options to Spouse on Marriage Breakdown S500-600 PE0208ORG
PensionsQuarterly Update on Estimated Solvency Funded Status of Defined Benefit Plans in OntarioPE0014ORG
Pensionse-Blasts: PensionsPE0047ORG
PensionsFAQs on Rules for Ontario Locked-In AccountsPE0093ORG
PensionsSuperintendent Consents (from 2009 onwards)PE0114ORG
PensionsConversion of a Plan from Defined Benefit to Defined ContributionPE0133ORG
PensionsLocked-In Retirement Accounts (LIRAs) PE0149ORG
PensionsOptions to Spouse on Marriage Breakdown, PBA 1987 ss. 52(5) PE0209ORG
PensionsAdministrative Penalties GuidelinePE0015ORG
PensionsElectronic Filing - Mandatory from January 1, 2013PE0048ORG
PensionsWebinar on Valuation and Division of Pension Assets on Breakdown of a Spousal RelationshipPE0074ORG
PensionsFAQs on Unlocking a Locked-in Account if you are a Non-Resident of CanadaPE0094ORG
PensionsSuperintendent Declarations (from 2009 onwards)PE0115ORG
PensionsDeadline for Early Filing of Actuarial Funding Valuation ReportsPE0134ORG
PensionsSchedule 1.1 Life Income Funds (New LIFs)PE0150ORG
PensionsFiling Requirements and Procedure on Full or Partial Wind Up of a Pension PlanPE0173ORG
PensionsE-blast - MJPPA - to plans without Quebec membersPE0016ORG
PensionsFAQs - Pension Services Portal (PSP)PE0049ORG
PensionsResources from the Webinar on the Valuation and Division of Pension Assets on Breakdown of a Spousal RelationshipPE0075ORG
PensionsFAQs on New Life Income Funds (LIFs)PE0095ORG
PensionsSuperintendent Notices of Intended Decision (from 2009 onwards)PE0116ORG
PensionsExtension of Deadline for Filings with FSCOPE0135ORG
Pensions Schedule 1 Life Income Funds (Old LIFs)PE0151ORG
PensionsConditional Notice of Intended Wind Up Not PermittedPE0174ORG
PensionsSupervisory Approach to Defined Benefit Asset Transfers under the PBAPE0205APP
PensionsE-blast - MJPPA - to plans with Quebec membersPE0017ORG
PensionsSuperintendent of Financial Services Approved Family Law FormsPE0051ORG
PensionsAnnual Statements of Members' Pension Benefits - Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures ContentPE0077ORG
PensionsLocked-In AccountsPE0096ORG
PensionsSuperintendent Orders (from 2009 Onwards)PE0117ORG
PensionsFunding Requirements for Designated Plans in Ontario, O. Reg. 73/95 Effective When PublishedPE0136ORG
PensionsSchedule 2 Locked-In Retirement Funds (LRIFs)PE0153ORG
PensionsTreatment of Prior Year Credit BalancePE0175ORG
PensionsLimitations on Commuted Value Transfers and Annuity Purchases (DB Pension Plans)PE0202APP
PensionsFSRA’s Consent to SEPP-to-JSPP Transactions under sections 80.4 and 81.0.1 of the Pension Benefits ActPE0223INT
PensionsApproach to Requirements After Certain Annuity Purchases for Defined Benefit PlansPE0195APP
PensionsEffective Date of a Plan Amendment that Reduces Benefits - Questions and AnswersPE0018ORG
PensionsHeringer v. Heringer û Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision on the payment of interest on a specified amount representing the former spouseÆs share of the Family Law ValuePE0052ORG
PensionsBiennial Statements Required for Former and Retired MembersPE0078ORG
PensionsPension Unlocking: Non-HardshipPE0098ORG
PensionsPension Fund Administration – Responsibilities of Fund HoldersPE0118ORG
PensionsCollection of Contributions and Delinquencies, PBA 1987 s. 23, 56-58, O. Reg. 708/87 s. 56 (formerly M900-100) Effective When PublishedPE0137ORG
PensionsEligibility for Membership in a Pension PlanPE0154ORG
PensionsAllocation of Assets in a Multi-Jurisdictional Pension Plan Providing Defined Benefits Guaranteed in Whole or in Part by the Pension Benefits Guarantee FundPE0176ORG
SuperintendentTreating Financial Services Consumers Fairly Guideline: Frequently Asked QuestionsGR0001ORG
SuperintendentTreating Financial Services Consumers Fairly GuidelineGR0002ORG
SuperintendentRule #1 - Electronic Service and Delivery RuleGR0003ORG
SuperintendentRule #2 - Mandatory Electronic Filings RuleGR0004ORG
SuperintendentSuperintendent's Electronic Service & Delivery and Filing RulesGR0005ORG
SuperintendentRules of Practice and Procedure for Hearings Before the Superintendent of Financial ServicesGR0006ORG
SuperintendentAdvisory BoardGR0007ORG
Co-operativeHigh-Risk Offerings issued under the Co-operative Corporations ActCC0001INT