Why is FSRA interested in your complaint

Your complaint is important. FSRA’s role is to monitor and supervise the actions of the sectors we regulate. The information provided in your complaint helps us monitor the conduct of our regulated sectors and protects consumers who use their products and services.

Your complaint helps to let us know:

  1. if the individuals or companies you are dealing with are complying with the applicable Acts and Regulations we oversee
  2. if there are any systemic issues in the industry that will inform decisions related to Regulation that improve Consumer Protection.

To help consumers and our regulated sectors understand our role in complaint handling and the type of issues that are reported to FSRA, we publish an annual report on complaints. View 2022 report.

What to expect

  • A thorough and impartial review of your complaint.
  • If the matter you have raised potentially breaks any laws we enforce, we will consider what action to take. 
  • If your situation is better referred elsewhere, we will let you know

What not to expect

FSRA cannot:

  • share information about investigations or enforcement actions we take or are working on (e.g., issue warning letters, discussing activity to address non-compliance) with our licensees unless they become public through a Notice of Proposal (NOP), or putting conditions on a licence, suspending/revoking licenses and/or issuing administrative monetary penalties.
  • force a company or individual to change a business decision or provide refunds
  • seek compensation on your behalf or resolve individual disputes.

For the last two points, you will have to go through the licensee’s complaint process or an external dispute resolution organization, if available or a court of law. 

For more information on submitting a complaint to FSRA and what you may expect, select a sector below:

If you have a question, please contact us.

Organizations that FSRA does not accept complaints about

FSRA protects Ontarians by regulating a variety of financial services but does not regulate the following:

Investment and Securities Firms

If you have a complaint about investment and securities firms, please contact: