Co-ops sell securities to fund their development and operations. With some exceptions, co-ops with 35 or more members can sell securities once they have a receipted offering statement.

FSRA’s primary role is investor protection. For an offering statement to be approved by FSRA, the offering statement is required to meet the full, true and plain disclosure requirements under the Co-operative Corporations Act.


What is full, true and plain disclosure?

Full – The offering statement answers any questions an investor may reasonably have.

True – It gives you all of the important information.

Plain – It is easy to understand.

Find an offering statement

We have a searchable list of approved or “receipted” offering statements on our website. As public documents, they are also available from the co-op.

Find an offering statement

Are you a co-op that wants to raise funds?

Common questions


What is a co-op?

Co-operative corporations, (co-ops) are member owned and controlled businesses incorporated under Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act (CCA). They operate on co-operative, democratic and financial principles. If you are looking for more information about co-ops, please contact ServiceOntario.


What is an offering statement?

An offering statement tells you:

  • How the co-op defines its business
  • How it plans to use the money it raises
  • Description on the securities for sale (terms and conditions, rank related to other debts, etc.)
  • The names and positions of directors and officers
  • How it finances its operations

An offering statement also includes the co-op’s most recent financial statements.


I invested in an Ontario co-op that didn’t have a receipted offering statement. What should I do?

Some co-ops can be exempted from having a receipted offering statement. Check with the co-op to get further details or with Service Ontario which regulates non-financial co-operatives in Ontario.

can do

What FSRA can do

  • Receipt (review, assess and where applicable approve) offering statements based on Full True Plain ( FTP) disclosures
  • Provide an up to date list of Offering statements receipted on the website
cannot do

What FSRA can’t do

Engagement and consultation

We work with a Consumer Advisory Panel that provides a consumer perspective on proposed FSRA policy changes. View our engagement and consultation information.