If you suffer an injury from a motor vehicle accident, you may need to make an insurance claim to cover your health and rehabilitative expenses. FSRA, as a regulator, licences service providers which allows licensed facilities to receive direct payment from automobile insurers for your treatment and expenses as long as it has been approved and received.

Service providers are typically health and rehabilitation clinics, as well as providers of assessments and examinations. Being licensed by FSRA allows them to receive direct payment from auto insurers for benefits claimed under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS).

Health Service Providers

Information you can request from your service provider

Within 10 days of your request, you are entitled to receive:

  • Full details of your assessments and exams, including all reports, forms, plans, goods or services
  • Copies and full details of every invoice and document giving rise to a claim for payment by an insurer on your behalf

Has my service provider ever been sanctioned by FSRA?

View our enforcement actions

You can also check with a service provider’s regulatory college (e.g., College of Physicians and Surgeons) to see if they have been sanctioned by them.

Common questions


What is a service provider?

Service providers receive payment for their services through the Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) billing system. All service providers must submit requests and billing for goods and services via HCAI, but only FSRA-licensed service providers can receive direct payments from insurers.


I’ve been hurt in an auto accident. How do I find a licensed service provider for treatment?

We keep a registry of licensed and formerly licensed service providers. Find a licensed service provider

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What is the maximum rate payable to a service provider by an auto insurer?

Maximum fees and hourly rates are listed on page 5 of the Professional Services Guideline.

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My service provider wants me to sign a blank auto insurance claim form (OCF form). What should I do?

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Does FSRA regulate service provider practitioners?

No. In Ontario, regulated health professions are governed under the Regulated Health Professions Act and health profession Acts (e.g., Medicine Act, 1991). Learn more

can do

What FSRA can do

  1. Resolve complaints about service provider billing practices.
  2. Take action if an insurer does not follow the medical assessment and dispute resolution process in the case of denial of treatment under the SABS.
cannot do

What FSRA can’t do

  1. Resolve complaints about the type or amount of treatment provided by a service provider.
  2. Resolve disputes about the correctness of a denial of treatment under the SABS, which is under the jurisdiction of the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT).

Are you a service provider that wants to be licensed?

Enforcement and monitoring

We take our responsibilities to protect you from misconduct or non-compliance very seriously. View our most recent enforcement and monitoring information for this sector.

Engagement and consultation

We work with a Consumer Advisory Panel that provides a consumer perspective on proposed FSRA policy changes. View our engagement and consultation information.

Useful resources

Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC)
For complaints about professional misconduct.