When you buy life or health insurance, FSRA protects you by ensuring insurance companies and life and health agents are properly licensed to operate in Ontario and that they comply with the Ontario Insurance Act. If they are not following the Act, we will review your complaint and investigate.

Assurance vie et maladie

Has my insurance provider ever been sanctioned by FSRA?

As well as checking that FSRA licenses the insurance agent or company you want to work with, see if any enforcement action has been taken against them in Ontario.

View enforcement actions
Additions, deletions/cancellations, suspensions and revivals of Ontario insurance company licences

Common questions

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What is an insurance agent?

In Ontario, we licence and regulate Life & Health insurance agents who sell a variety of insurance products, including life, health and dental insurance. Agents may represent one or more insurance companies.

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What is an insurance company?

An insurance company issues and sells comprehensive financial products, including individual or group insurance policies to individuals and employers and promises to pay benefits to holders of those policies. FSRA regulates insurance companies.

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How are life and health insurance similar? How are they different?

Life and health insurance cover you against unplanned events and charge a fee or “premium” based on the policy you buy. Health insurance pays for your medical care outside of what is covered by the government-funded Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Life insurance pays a death benefit to your survivors and some life products are considered investments (e.g., segregated funds, whole life).

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What if I can’t resolve my complaint with my insurance company’s Ombuds service?

Take your complaint to the OmbudService for Life and Health Insurance (OLHI). If that fails, we may be able to help. File a complaint with us

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What can I do if I received the wrong advice about an insurance product?

If you think your insurer is in the wrong, there are steps you can take. How to resolve an insurance complaint

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How do I find the policy of a deceased family member?

Contact the OLHI. Search for a lost policy

Buying a policy

can do

What FSRA can do

  1. Ensure insurance companies and life and health agents meet the qualifications and requirements to be licenced.
  2. Oversee the business practices of insurance companies and life and health agents.
cannot do

What FSRA can’t do

  1. Arbitrate contract disputes between you and your insurer.
  2. Set insurance premiums.
  3. Make an insurance company sell you life or health insurance.

Enforcement and monitoring

We take our responsibilities to protect you from misconduct or non-compliance very seriously. View our most recent enforcement and monitoring information for this sector.

Engagement and consultation

We work with a Consumer Advisory Panel that provides a consumer perspective on proposed FSRA policy changes. View our engagement and consultation information.

Useful resources

Classes of insurance
List of the classes of insurance and licences granted to insurers under the Insurance Act.

Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association
Consumer publications on life and health insurance to help you make an informed choice.

How to resolve an insurance complaint
Steps to take if you want to file a complaint about any unresolved insurance business activity.