1. Try to resolve the complaint directly with your credit union or caisse populaire

This is often the easiest and fastest way to solve issues with your institution. Find your credit union’s contact person now to get started.

If you are unable to resolve your complaint, ask them for a written explanation of their position and move on to step 2.

2. File a complaint with FSRA

Step 1: Download and fill in our Complaint Form to open an investigation with FSRA.

Step 2: Send the completed Complaint Form to FSRA, along with:

  • The written response you received from your credit union or caisse Populaire
  • Any other supporting documents you may have


By email: [email protected]

By mail:
Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA)
Licensing & Market Conduct Division
Credit Union and Caisse Populaire Complaints
25 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 100
Toronto, ON 
M2N 6S6

Note: FSRA may not investigate complaints that have already been dealt with in court or through an alternative dispute resolution process.