Consumer research: Auto insurance

In early 2023, we commissioned research to better understand consumers’ behaviors, knowledge, and preferences when it comes to purchasing or renewing auto insurance and making an auto insurance claim or complaint. Findings will inform FSRA’s regulatory efforts and shape policy projects and assist FSRA in identifying key opportunities to respond to the needs of and risks to Ontario consumers.

Consumer research: Financial advice

We commissioned research to better understand how consumers engage with their financial advisor and their preferred method for paying for the services they receive. The findings will help protect consumers by informing FSRA’s regulatory efforts and shaping policy projects, for example, as they relate to vulnerable consumers’ access to financial advice.

Consumer research: Mortgage brokering

In January 2023, we commissioned research to better understand and protect consumers who are in the market for a first mortgage or are renewing their existing mortgage. The findings will help inform how we supervise mortgage brokers, as well as our policy decision making and regulatory efforts.


Consumer research study

In June 2022, we conducted a study to better understand the challenges and issues that some consumers face. The findings will help shape policies and will strengthen our efforts to identify ways to respond to the needs of and risks to consumers.

Residents’ reference panel: Auto insurance

A panel of 36 volunteers across Ontario was brought together to provide FSRA with a consumer’s perspective on how to make the auto insurance system in Ontario easier to understand and more transparent. The panel discussed auto rates and how the data consumers provide is being used. Their recommendations are helping FSRA shape policies and deliver on its priorities for auto insurance and are helping support FSRA’s fraud strategy.