Insurance adjusters with an active licence in Ontario can transfer their sponsorship to a new adjusting firm.

You will need to contact your current sponsor and your new sponsor to coordinate the transfer.

How the adjusting firms process a transfer

1. Your current sponsor will initiate the process by terminating your licence.

  • Ask your current sponsor to email a termination letter to [email protected].
  • This will end your connection to the old adjusting firm.

2. Your new sponsor will need to submit a new application.

  • Download the Insurance Adjuster Application.
    • Right click on the link and choose Save link as to download the PDF to your computer or drive.
  • Fill out the application electronically.
    • You will need to re-verify your suitability to have a licence and confirm you meet all the requirements.
  • Ask your adjusting firm to fill out Part D (Notice of Appointment).
  • Your adjusting firm can submit the completed form to [email protected].

There is no fee to transfer between two sponsoring adjusting firms.

My licence is inactive. Can I transfer to a new sponsor?

You can only transfer to a new sponsor if your licence has not expired. If you want to reinstate your licence, go to Reinstate my insurance adjuster licence.