Access the portal:
FSRA Account Portal

NOTE: You may only Withdraw an application prior to the Payment Step or up to Review Step 2 on Applications where no payment is required.

1. Login to your FSRA account, enter your Username and Password.

Login to your FSRA Account
Figure 1: Login to your FSRA Account

2. You will be taken to the Dashboard where you can view your Messages and Files with FSRA.

Under the Files section, scroll through the list until you find your Draft Application. Click on that Draft Application.

Draft Application List
Figure 2: Click on your Draft Application

3. The Application section of your Draft Application will display. Go to the bottom of the portal page and click Quit. This will open the Quit Process window.

Application section
Fgure 3: Application section - click Quit to open the Quit Process window

4. In the Quit Process window, click Withdraw Application. This will open the Confirm Application Withdrawal window.

Quit Application Process
Figure 4: Quit Application Process window - click Withdraw Application

5. In the Confirm Application Withdrawal window, click Yes, Withdraw My Application. This will take you back to the FSRA Dashboard.

Confirm Application Withdrawal window
Figure 5: Confirm Application Window - click Yes, Withdraw My Application
FSRA portal dashboard
Figure 6: FSRA portal dashboard

NOTE: If you accidently clicked on “Withdraw Application”, click on the “No. Return to Application” button and continue with the application intake process (you will return to the application step that you are currently on).