Access the portal:
FSRA Account Portal


Please note:

If your corporation already has a licence, you will receive a unique link from FSRA to create your account. This will ensure your new portal account is linked to your existing licences.

Your account must be created by a Director or Officer of the Corporation, or a Partner of a Partnership. This person will act as the Principal Representative for the account.


1. From the Portal homepage, click Create a New FSCO Account.

Create a new FSCO account
Figure 1: Create a new FSCO account

2. Complete all the required information.

Complete all required information
Figure 2: Complete all required information

3. Read the FSCO Portal Access Agreement then click the box beside “I agree to the FSCO Portal Access Agreement".

4. Click Create Account.

Create account
Figure 3: Create account

5. After you have successfully created your account, the Confirmation screen will display showing your FSCO ID # and Username. (You will also get a Confirmation email.)

Account confirmation
Figure 4: Account confirmation

6. Click Continue with your application to enter the Portal.

Continue with your application
Figure 5: Continue with your application