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Mortgage Brokering Technical Advisory Committee

Meeting summary

Date: Thursday, November 23, 2023 
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Location: 25 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 100
Toronto, ON M2N 6S6
Videoconference – Microsoft Teams 

This summary sets out the key points discussed at the November 23, 2023 meeting. 


The Chair welcomed TAC members to the meeting and thanked committee members for their engagement and feedback between meetings. The Chair expressed appreciation for members whose terms are up. 

Private mortgage campaign

FSRA shared the goals and discussed the approach of the campaign. FSRA sought recommendations from the Committee on organizations that FSRA can work with to promote the campaign.

Mortgage broker and agent licensing suitability Guidance 

The Committee was presented with an overview of the Mortgage broker and agent licensing suitability Guidance. FSRA highlighted the importance of assessing suitability for mortgage agent and broker licensing. 

Roundtable discussion: Licensing requirements 

FSRA highlighted the upcoming licensing requirements, deadline for license renewal for all mortgage agents and brokers and deadline for Annual Information Return filing. FSRA also shared statistics of the completion of challenge exam and private mortgage course as of October 31, 2023.

Roundtable discussion: Prevalence of brokers/agents working outside of their authorized brokerage 

FSRA and the Committee discussed prevalence of brokers and agents working outside of their authorized brokerage and the potential measures that brokerages and principal brokers, as well as in collaboration with FSRA, can implement to effectively prevent and deter this behavior. 

Next meeting 

The next meeting of the committee to be determined. 

Attendance record


Company name

Attendance status

(A)ttended; (R)egrets; (S)ubstitute; (VC)Teleconference

Sadiq Boodoo 

Approved Financial Services


Guido Di Franco

Richview Capital MIC Inc. / Mortgage Architects Experts


Kevin Fettig

CMI Financial Group


Carla Gervais

The Mortgage Advisors (Verico)


Elizabeth Gnoinski

Boss Mortgages – The Mortgage Center 


Neil Gross

Component Strategies Consulting


Victoria Joly

Distinctive Real Estate Advisors Inc.


Anisa Sherwood Lancione

Mortgage Brokers City


Alex Leduc

Perch (Mortgauge)


Dong Lee

DLCG / Mortgage Architects


David Morrison

Morrison Financial


Marie Taylor



FSRA members present:

Rocca D’Angela, Nadiatou Fagbemi, Jennie Hodgson, Wendy Horrobin (Online), Antoinette Leung, Kelly Le, Cheryl Mak, Jelena Pejic, Jessica Rose (Online), Elissa Sinha (Online), Gina Stephens, Serina Yau

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