A Principal Representative can make amendments to a service provider licence. Simply log into your FSRA account and submit an update to your application. We may contact you for clarification or additional documentation.

Permitted amendments include:

  • Changing the legal or operating name of your business
  • Changing your Principal Representative
  • Changing your business ownership type from sole proprietor to corporation
  • Adding or removing a director, officer or partner
  • Adding or removing a facility, branch office or location
  • Changing the address of a principal place of business, or any facility, branch office or location on the licence
  • Cancelling/surrendering your licence

Exemption for non-regulated service providers

If you have added or removed a non-regulated service provider from your business, you do not need to submit an amendment request. However, you must disclose the number of regulated and non-regulated health professionals when you file your Annual Information Return (AIR).

Changing your business ownership type

Changing your business ownership type from a sole proprietor to a corporation can only be done online by your Principal Representative. To file a change, log in to your FSRA account and complete a “Change Business Ownership Type” application. You will need to upload a scanned copy of your Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Amendment or Articles of Amalgamation.

Need more help?

For questions about updating your service provider licence information with FSRA, please email us at [email protected].