Annual information returns

All licensed mortgage brokerages and administrators are required to complete and submit an Annual Information Return (AIR) no later than March 31 of each year (see Ontario Regulation 193/08 – Reporting Requirements for Licensees and section 29 of the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006.

The AIR is designed to collect information about business practices, internal controls, and market conditions for the previous calendar year. The information is used to assist FSRA in its risk assessment and oversight of mortgage brokerages and administrators. The AIR Reports published by FSRA also allow the industry to obtain an overview of the mortgage brokering sector.

Mortgage brokerages and administrators that fail to file the AIR by the March 31, 2024 deadline may be subject to summary administrative penalties, or other regulatory enforcement action.

2022 AIR report

FSRA reviewed the data collected through the 2023 AIR and compiled the 2022 Mortgage Brokerages and Administrators Annual Information Return report. This report provides a snapshot of the activities conducted by mortgage brokerages and administrators between January 1 and December 31, 2022.

How to complete the AIR

Principal brokers and mortgage administrators complete the AIR online using Licensing Link, and the AIR must be completed by March 31, 2024.

All brokerages and administrators are required to complete the AIR by the deadline. Non-compliance increases FSRA’s regulatory costs and impacts the fees that all licensees pay.

Helpful resources

Prior to filing the AIR, principal brokers and administrators are encouraged to review the following resources:

*This is for preliminary work only. Only the protected version of the spreadsheet that is downloaded from the Licensing Link platform can be uploaded back into to AIR. Any other version will not be accepted.

Previous AIR reports