FSRA Stakeholder Advisory Committee for Property & Casualty Insurance

Summary of the Meeting of June 17, 2020
Via Teleconference

Stakeholder Advisory Committee Members Present:

Lynn Anderson – Economical
Joseph Carnevale – IBAO
Koker Christensen – Fasken Martineau DuMoulin
Kim Donaldson – IBC
John Dunton – Erie Mutual
Stephen A. Fuller – Travelers
Lisa Guglietti – Cooperators
Christian Jobidon – Desjardins
Julie Nolette – Intact
Karin Ots – Aviva
Alain Thibault – CADRI

Board Members Present:

Bryan Davies – Chair of the Board
Joseph Iannicelli – Director
Brigid Murphy – Director
Lawrence Ritchie – Director

Management Members Present:

Mark White – Chief Executive Officer
Tim Bzowey – Executive Vice President, Auto/Insurance Products
Glen Padassery – Executive Vice President, Policy & Chief Consumer Officer
Stephen Power – Executive Vice President, Corporate Services
Jordan Solway – Executive Vice President, Legal and Enforcement
Judy Pfeifer – Chief Public Affairs Officer
Stuart Wilkinson – Director, Auto/P&C Policy

Corporate Secretary’s Office:

Alena Thouin – Corporate Secretary and Deputy General Counsel
Margaret Kingerski – Assistant Corporate Secretary

General Comments

The Committee expressed eagerness to resume consultations, particularly on rate regulation. The Committee provided feedback on FSRA’s response to the COVID-19 disruption and responded favorably to FSRA’s outlook for F2020-2021 priorities.

Feedback on F2019-20 Priorities and Outlook for F2020-21

The Committee asked FSRA to discuss COVID-19 consumer relief measures in relation to FSRA’s commitment to principles-based regulation. The Committee noted that insurers were working on consumer relief in the lead up to the Ontario government and FSRA’s announcements on consumer relief, and that insurers would have welcomed advance information regarding actions planned by the Ontario government and FSRA.

The Committee inquired about FSRA’s progress on the Streamline Rate Regulation Priority and expressed interest in future plans. The Committee also expressed interest in FSRA showing leadership on caretaking for the auto insurance product, particularly with respect to court decisions that are increasing costs.