Corporations and partnerships with an active insurance licence in Ontario can transfer their sponsorship to a new insurer.

The following instructions apply to corporations or partnerships that sell accident & sickness (A&S) insurance or general insurance (i.e., property and casualty insurance, including auto insurance).

You will need to contact both your current sponsor and your new sponsor to coordinate this process.

How to transfer to another sponsoring insurer

  1. Your current insurer will initiate the process by sending a termination letter to [email protected]. This will end your connection to the old company.
  2. Go to the Licensing Portal for Insurance Agencies and complete the online request to change your sponsor.

There is no fee to transfer between two sponsoring insurers.

Our licence is inactive. Can we transfer to a new sponsor?

You can only transfer to a new sponsor if your licence expiry date has not passed. In order to reinstate an expired licence for your corporation or partnership and move to a new sponsor:

If your business held an A&S licence

Go to Reinstate an accident & sickness insurance licence

If your business held a general licence

Go to Reinstate a general insurance licence