Insurance companies and managing general agencies can use FSRA’s website to report life agents who may be unsuitable

Insurers are required by law to report unsuitable agents to FSRA. Examples of unsuitability include:

  • unlicensed activities
  • misrepresentation to company/client
  • missing continuing education credits
  • errors and omission coverage
  • criminal charges or convictions
  • breaches of regulations at FSRA or another regulator or licensing body
  • bankruptcy, consumer proposals or other insolvency matters

Where there is evidence of non-compliance with the Insurance Act, FSRA will enforce the applicable laws and regulations. FSRA reviews all submissions.

Information provided helps guide our supervision priorities and protect consumers who use the services of a life agent.

The process

What to expect

  • easy, online submission
  • a secure way to upload and share your investigation reports and supporting documentation with FSRA
  • the convenience of accessing your submission again to upload more documents

What happens after you report a life agent?

FSRA conducts a thorough review which may include:

  • requesting documents from the insurer, managing general agency (MGA) or licenced agent
  • interviewing the agent and all relevant parties

The outcomes may include:

  • a closing letter confirming escalation for disciplinary action
  • a closing letter confirming no action to be taken if FSRA does not find evidence of misconduct

Ready to submit?


Each year, FSRA publishes a summary of agent suitability complaints received and its follow-up actions. Read our reports: