As the solvency position of pension plans is of significant interest, FSRA also publishes quarterly updates on the solvency status of DB plans in Ontario, to provide stakeholders with current information on the health of pension plans in Ontario.

FSRA has a database of approximately 1,100 DB pension plans, including hybrid plans that have both a DB and a defined contribution (DC) provision. The quarterly updates use information for PBGF eligible plans from the latest filed valuation reports as well as Investment Information Summary (IIS) information.  We have excluded non PBGF-eligible plans such as IPPs and designated plans, certain jointly sponsored pension plans, multi-employer pension plans, and plans that have been wound up or are in the process of winding up.

The information is presented on an aggregate basis. While there is no disclosure of plan-specific information, the updates give stakeholders a framework to see how their plan performed compared to other plans and relevant benchmarks.