Ontario's Pension Benefits Act and Regulation 287/11 (Family Law Matters) provide the process to value and divide a member's pension upon marriage breakdown.


Administration of Pension Benefits upon Marriage Breakdown – November 9, 2021 (PE0225INT): This Guidance provides a principles-based approach with examples plan administrators can use to interpret and comply with their legal obligations.

Webinar on the Administration of Pension Benefits Upon Marriage Breakdown Guidance: This webinar focuses on:

  • FSRA's family law forms
  • FSRA's approach to the valuation and division of the pension asset in a marriage breakdown
  • FSRA’s interpretation of key legislative provisions relating to marriage breakdown


Pensions and marriage breakdown – a guide for members and their spouses: This Guide provides members and their spouses an overview of valuing and dividing a member’s pension upon marriage breakdown. It is also a helpful resource for plan administrators and other professionals. Sections of this Guide may also apply to common law spouses.


Family Law - To be completed by members and/or spouses

Family Law – To be completed by Plan Administrators

Family Law – Pool registered Pension Plans

Family Law – Variable benefits

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