This year, FSRA revoked the licences of 174 service providers who did not file their AIR and pay the mandatory regulatory fee more than once. HSPs whose licences were revoked can re-apply for a licence, however, their application will be reviewed by FSRA on a case-by-case basis.

Visit FSRA’s public registry for the most up-to-date information on service providers’ licence status and conditions.

Organization Licence Number
1021523 ontario limited SP16478
1530827 Ontario Inc. SP12542
1719633 Ontario Inc SP15512
1745381 Ontario LTD. SP14828
1796565 Ontario Inc SP15375
1805580 ONTARIO LTD SP14715
1811542 Ontario Inc. SP14020
1953257 Ontario Inc SP16605
2227696 Ontario Inc SP13143
2255463 ONTARIO INC SP13083
2322367 ONTARIO INC. SP15882
2332128 ONTARIO INC SP12695
2374220 Ontario Inc. SP13547
2382500 ONTARIO INC. SP15607
2387157 Ontario Inc. SP15666
2408217 Ontario Inc. SP15352
2428636 Ontario Inc. SP16370
2435675 Ontario Inc SP16853
2445874 Ontario Inc. SP15266
2455758 ONTARIO INC. SP15682
2456335 ONTARIO INC. SP15870
2462784 Ontario Inc. SP16156
2479557 Ontario Inc. SP16312
2487548 Ontario Inc. SP16462
2489166 Ontario Limited SP16354
2493246 Ontario Inc. SP16441
2516636 Ontario Inc. SP16319
2519602 Ontario Inc. SP16369
2534890 Ontario Limited SP16362
2573914 Ontario Inc. SP16644
8238006 Canada Inc. SP14708
8499713 CANADA INC SP14197
9483306 Canada Inc. SP16189
A.K. Inc. SP15111
Accident Rehab & Recovery Inc. SP13387
Advanced Health and Foot Care Clinic Inc. SP13875
All Injury Assessment Center Inc SP13516
Almas Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP15455
Alter Psychology Professional Corporation SP16191
AquaCenter Rehabilitation Inc. SP12560
Arohanui Holdings Inc. SP12151
Aspen Sports Therapy Clinic Incorporation SP15755
A-Supreme Nursing & Home Care Services Inc. SP14472
Avitern Health Centre inc. SP16560
Basic Bulk & Natural Foods Inc SP16477
Bio-Connections Ltd. SP14905
Bioelectric Meridian Inc. SP16696
Bovaird Rehab Inc SP16539
Brain Health Solutions and Rehabilition Inc. SP14284
Brian Bigelow SP12392
Brian Empey Physiotherapy Professional Corporation SP13928
Brittany Jade Brooks SP15188
Canadian Integrated Health Service LTD SP15535
Carling West Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation Inc. SP16874
Carol Hawthorne SP16885
Catherine Noel Moran SP10258
CHC Ellesmere Inc. SP15008
Christina Simms-Verdone SP16527
CM Sloss Psychology Professional Corporation SP16400
Colleen  Sharon  Pattrick SP10151
Comfort Soul Rehab Inc. SP13903
Complete Wellness Clinic SP16760
Custom Rehab and Assessments Canada Ltd. SP10332
Daniel Reinberg SP16461
Darcy Santor Psychology Professional Corporation SP16044
Darryl Thomson Chiropractic Professional Corp SP15839
David Leprich SP12357
Debbie Holman SP15424
Downtown Chiropractic Inc. SP16249
Dr. Carol McMaster SP12499
Dr. Jason Wen-Shyang Su SP13409
Duhamel Psychology Professional Corporation SP12244
Duoc Pham SP16029
Elegant Saloon & Spa Ltd. SP14102
EnergyXchange Life and Body Science Inc. SP15362
Englehart and District Hospital Inc. SP14956
Erin Tighe Physiotherapy Professional Corporation SP14997
Evgeni Amchislavsky SP15586
Ewa Polonski SP14739
Extra Care Rehab Centre Inc. SP16565
Fast Aid Rehabilitation Clinic Inc. SP15903
Fathalla Occupational Therapy Professional Corporation SP15382
First Choice MedCenter Inc. SP14986
Freer Physical Therapy Professional Corporation SP13624
Giorgio Ilacqua Psychology Professional Corporation SP16537
Health Care Specialists Assessments Inc. SP14589
HealthQuarters Inc SP13751
Heather Dilley SP12508
In Motion Rehabilitation and Wellness Center Inc. SP13501
Inner Balance Psychological Service Inc. SP13900
James Ernest Sweeney SP16451
Jane Physio and Foot Care Inc. SP16871
Janet MacDowall SP15808
Jean-Nicholas Gravel SP16246
Jennifer Ann Kindy-McPherson SP13371
Jennifer Kingdon SP12743
Jennifer Turner-Walsh SP16689
Jiaxin Li SP16288
Jodie Lynne McLean SP13999
John Todd Delamere SP13121
Judy Rosenberg Ben-Israel SP12080
Kara Anne Thomson-Dick Laura Kathleen Amadio SP15891
Kinesis Co. Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Services Inc. SP16493
Kor's Health and Rehabilitation Clinic Corp. SP15724
Kyung Sook Cho SP16230
Laurie Joan Woltz SP12141
Lisa Jane Lindsay SP14992
Marcin Danda Professional Corporation SP14748
Mark Swain SP13221
Marsolais Massage Therapy Professional Corp SP16026
Marta Masley SP13316
Mary Vitali-Perrier SP14897
Mavis Wellness Inc. SP14743
MCK Wellness & Rehab Centre Inc. SP13118
Metromed Healthcare Centre Inc. SP10285
Michael Prendergast SP15227
Mind and Body Integrated Medicine Clinic SP15099
Mississauga Massage Therapy Centre Inc SP14871
Mobility Spot Inc SP16281
Murphy, Scarsella & associates Physiotherapy SP15131
MVR Medical Assessment Centre Inc. SP10189
Nadine Helicia Hopman SP15308
North York General Hospital SP15592
Nortor Chiropractic LTD SP14994
NRCS Inc. SP13781
Pain Relief Health Clinic SP16649
Pankaj Jogi SP14653
Parry Sound Family Service SP16126
Patricia Vogel SP15096
Personacare Health and Wellness Services Inc. SP16897
Physio Active One Inc. SP15757
Physioworld Inc. SP16071
Pinnacle Multi Specialist Rehab Centre Inc. SP16337
Pony Holdings Inc. SP14246
Professional Rehab Inc. SP15488
Pure Motivation Fitness Inc SP16209
Rachel Kumar SP15898
Randy Silverman Psychology Corporation SP15849
Realmed Experts Group Inc. SP15628
Reflex Health Alliance Ltd. SP13498
Richard Taylor SP15686
Robert Gates SP12094
Roger Hollingsworth SP15852
Roya Fereidooni SP10380
Sarah Jones SP16839
Senses Health and Beauty Spa Inc. SP16902
Southern Ontario Medical Rehabilitation Centre Inc. SP14296
Suzanne Nadine Christie SP15503
T. Wilson Massage Therapy Professional Corp. SP15996
Tanner Tutoring Inc. SP14750
TDI Chronic Pain and Medical Assessments Inc. SP14463
The Oblitey Group INC. SP14323
The Rehab Doctor Inc SP15120
Theresia Arnott-Candy SP13389
Thistletown Rehabilitation Centre Inc. SP13305
Three Massagateers SP14501
Tonic Wellness Centre Inc. SP16074
Total Medical Assessments Limited SP16113
trillium physio rehab inc. SP15976
Universal Health & Wellness Center Ltd. SP15551
Urban Wellness Studio Inc. SP10322
Volodymyr Chornomaz SP13312
Wings Neuro Rehab Inc. SP14996
woo Yung kim SP14226
Workplace Health and Cost Solutions Ltd. SP13521
yan jiang SP16467
York Physiocare Inc. SP13850