FSRA suspended the licences of 106 health service providers who have failed to file their Annual Information Returns between 2018-2021.

Heath service providers who are licensed by FSRA are legally required to file their AIR each year. FSRA regulates the billing practices of health service providers to help maintain fair and reasonable auto insurance rates for consumers.

Visit FSRA’s public registry for the most up-to-date information on service providers’ licence status and conditions.

Health service provider licences suspended

Organization Licence Number
10938572 Canada Inc. SP17473
1313658 Ontario Corp. SP15500
1488245 Ontario Ltd. SP17163
1789387 Ontario Inc. SP14096
1843631 Ontario Inc. SP17721
1965404 Ontario Ltd. SP17493
1981357 Ontario Inc. SP17872
2139428 Ontario Limited SP12486
2256237 Ontario Incorporated SP15683
2271974 Ontario Inc. SP15761
2393834 Ontario Corporation SP16128
2442852 Ontario Inc. SP15553
2459369 Ontario Inc. SP17238
2545371 Ontario Limited  SP17129
2550140 Ontario Inc. SP17214
2658665 Ontario Inc. SP17560
2708886 Ontario Inc. SP17599
2747569 Ontario Inc. SP17922
A Parkway Physio Inc. SP14448
A.R.C. Athletic Rehabilitation & Conditioning SP16278
Aaron Andrew Rogalski SP15029
Aaron Stauber SP17417
Acclaim Ability Management Inc. SP14245
Aculosophy Inc. SP17903
Adamski Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP16224
Akilah Haneef-Jabari SP17441
Alexander John Dougley SP13772
Alfa Wellness Corporation SP17021
Alireza Ebrahimian SP13176
Alison Raison SP15964
Ark Health Ltd. SP12565
Arlene Kerr-Martin SP16757
Ayana Rehabilitation Inc. SP16251
Bradley Allen Watkins Chiropractic Professional Corp SP14543
Bridge To Restoration Ltd. SP14433
Bryan Ma SP15936
Bubu Acupuncture Clinic SP17330
Cardinal Orthotics Ltd SP17679
Carolyn Agnew-Hall SP16403
Cura Medics Inc. SP15351
Curezone Physiotherapy Inc. SP17386
Dale Blenkhorn SP15072
Deborah Ann Cowman SP15432
Dr. Coralee Mueller Optometry Professional Corporation SP16435
Dr. Mark Jagger SP14990
Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP15599
Dr. Nekessa Remy Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP14735
Dr. Sheldon Cook Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP15706
Ferretti Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP16439
Good Day Chiropractic Clinic SP14397
Gordon D. Ko Medicine Professional Corporation SP14781
Graham Turrall SP14934
Grand River Hearing Centre Inc. SP14534
Grand River Tinnitus Inc. SP16220
Guanghui Tang SP12378
Gui Ging Chen SP16355
Health Mind and Body Wellness Centre Inc. SP17709
Health To Home Inc. SP17150
Healthway Medical Management Inc. SP15472
Heather Seiling SP16867
Hunsing Enterprise Ltd SP17506
I. Redfern Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP17405
Jamil Saliem Atiff Khoury SP16740
Jasmin Manga SP14018
Jason Dubois SP12332
Jian Yang SP18000
Joanne Lafreniere SP17221
Julie Trignetti SP14585
Karen Jane Galbraith SP14237
Karma Wellness Clinic SP17125
Katherine Dianne Possamai SP17371
Kelly G Robazza SP13464
Ken Marek SP14016
Kristin Hodgen SP17426
Lyte Investments Inc SP17921
Mathieu Belanger Medicine Professional Corporation SP16453
Mitra Gholamain SP15835
Modern Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre Inc. SP17818
Motion LP SP17507
My Natural Health Centre Inc. SP15626
MyndTec Inc. SP16982
Natalya Sanikovich SP17776
National Wellness Corporation SP17134
Nicolaas Mulder SP16098
Omniya Assessments Incorporated SP17022
ONE80 Health Inc. SP12503
Osteomed Inc. SP17375
Physiotherapy Point Inc. SP16895
Premier Wellness and Recovery Ltd. SP16808
Prendergast Psychology Professional Corporation SP15723
Raymond Ravazzolo SP15454
Rodney Dale Bogart Jaime Beth Bogart SP15314
Rosanne Metz SP15759
Setalben Vyas SP17834
Sharleen Cainer SP17579
Steven Frederick Soloduka SP14902
Sukyoung Simon Yoon SP13445
Surge Medical Supplies Inc. SP16972
The Best Physiotherapy Clinic Inc. SP15047
Toronto Assessment Centre Inc. SP15612
Tovit Rubin SP16096
Tracy J Drynan Professional Corporation SP14650
Verywell Health Inc. SP16468
VicPark South Injury Rehab Centre Inc. SP15010
YM Health Clinic SP17013
Yonge and Eglinton Chiro, Massage & Rehab Inc. SP17399

Previous suspensions and revocations