The Consultation Summary Report (Report) summarizes the comments received from the public consultation on the updated Proposed Approach Guidance – Financial Professionals Title Protection – Administration of Applications (FPTP Application Guidance) and Supervisory Framework (FPTP Supervision Guidance), along with FSRA’s responses to those comments.

FSRA would like to thank all of the stakeholders who invested the time and effort to engage with FSRA during the consultation process.


FSRA posted the updated proposed FPTP Application and Supervision Guidance for a 28-day public consultation from November 15 to December 13, 2021. 

Stakeholder feedback

FSRA received 13 written submissions and 1 question during the consultation. 

This report focuses on new comments and questions raised about the content of the guidance documents that were not raised during the previous consultations on the title protection framework, as well as FSRA’s responses. 

Comments received during the initial public consultation on the proposed Financial Professionals Title Protection Rule (FPTP Rule) and guidance are outlined in the First Consultation Summary Report

Comments received during the second public consultation on the FPTP Rule and guidance are outlined in the Second Consultation Summary Report.

Comments received on the public consultation for the proposed fee structure of the Financial Professionals Title Protection Framework are outlined in the Fee Consultation Summary Report

A full list of stakeholders who commented on the proposed Guidance documents is provided in Appendix A.

Appendix A – List of commenters

Outlined below is a list of stakeholders that provided written comments for the public consultation on the updated proposed Application and Supervision Guidance for the FP/FA title protection framework that ran from November 15 to December 13, 2021.

Consumer/Investor advocates

FAIR Canada

Industry/Trade associations

Canadian Bankers Association
Canadian Credit Union Association
Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association
Independent Financial Brokers of Canada 
Investment Industry Association of Canada
The Benefits Alliance Group

Professional/Designation bodies 
and education providers

Canadian Institute of Financial Planning
FP Canada
Institute of Advanced Financial Planners
Portfolio Management Association of Canada

Self-regulatory organizations

Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada

Other submissions

Eric Warden