The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is responsible for supervising and regulating a broad range of financial service sectors. FSRA issues guidance to make it easier for the public, new entrants and incumbents to understand what is legally binding, what is FSRA’s interpretation or application of law and what information is designed to be helpful. All guidance is issued in accordance with FSRA's Guidance Framework.

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Guidance Documents Table
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Status Category Sort descending Guidance Number Guidance Name
Active Administrative Monetary Penalties - General Regulatory GR0012APP Use of proceeds from enforcement under regulation “Money retained outside the consolidated revenue fund” Guidance
Active Administrative Monetary Penalties - General Regulatory GR0013APP Enforcement: General Administrative Monetary Penalties Guidance
Active Administrative Monetary Penalties - Insurance GR0011APP Transparent Communication of FSRA Enforcement Action
Active Advertising CU0081ORG Decal Installation Guide
Active Application - CU-CP CU0085APP Approval or Authorization of Business and Investment Activities under the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, 2020
Active Consumer Protection - General Regulatory GR0008APP Fair Treatment of Customers in Insurance
Active Framework CU0070INT Market Conduct Framework Guidance 
Active ICAAP CU0033ORG Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) – Credit Unions with Total Assets Greater than $500 Million
Active ICAAP CU0071ORG ICAAP Submission Template - Summary Key Metrics Report
Active ICAAP CU0086ORG Implementation of ICAAP and Stress Testing for Credit Unions -with assets in excess of $500 million
Active ICAAP CU0084ORG Application Guide: Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) for More Complex Credit Unions
Active Innovation GR0018DEC Affiliated insurers carrying on business as a common undertaking pursuant to s. 392.2(8) of the Insurance Act
Active Innovation GR0010APP Test and Learn Environments (TLEs) for Financial Services Innovation
Active Lending CU0045ORG Lending Advisory #1 - Lending Limits and Creditor Insurance
Active Lending CU0048ORG Lending Advisory #2 - Authorized Participants in Loan Syndications
Active Lending CU0089INT Commercial lending Guidance
Active Lending CU0056ORG Lending Advisory #3 - Authorized Syndicating (Lead) Credit Unions in a Loan Syndication
Active Lending CU0062INT Capital Treatment of Loans under the Federal Government Business Credit Availability Program and Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program Guarantee
Active Lending CU0063INT Residential Mortgage Lending *New
Active Liquidity CU0064INT Liquidity *New
Active Liquidity CU0073ORG Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LRC) Template 2021
Active Liquidity CU0074ORG Net Cumulative Cash Flow Report (NCCF) Template 2021 
Active Liquidity CU0075ORG Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) Template 2021
Active Recovery Planning CU0069INT Recovery Planning
Active Reserves CU0011ORG By-Law #6
Active Resolution Planning CU0082INT Resolution Planning
Active Retirement PC0048INT Understanding Decumulation Products
Active Risk Management CU0088APP Operational Risk and Resilience
Active Risk Management CU0047ORG Operational Risk Advisory #1 - Outsourcing Servicing of Owned ATM's
Active Risk Management GR0016INT Information Technology (“IT”) risk management
Active Risk Management CU0049ORG Operational Risk Advisory #2 - Potential Risks Associated with Providing Banking Services to Money Service Businesses (MSBs)
Active Risk Management CU0051ORG Capital Risk Advisory #1 - Credit Union Shares Held as Security
Active Risk Management CU0052ORG Market Risk Advisory #1 - Investment in Digital Currencies
Active Risk Management CU0053ORG Market Risk Advisory #2 - Investment in a Pool of Individual Mortgages and Mortgage Pools
Active Securitization CU0037ORG Securitization Guidance Note
Active Securitization CU0079ORG Application Guide: Securitization
Active Securitization CU0080ORG Securitization Reporting Template
Active Service Standards - General Regulatory GR0009APP FSRA Service Standards
Active Stress testing CU0065INT Stress Testing *New
Active Structural CU0039ORG Structural Risk Guidance Note
Active Supervisory Approach GR0017APP Public warning notices Guidance
Active Supervisory Framework CU0083APP Risk Based Supervisory Framework (FSRA RBSF)
Active Whistle-blower GR0015APP Whistle-blower Guidance