1. How are assessments calculated for the insurance sector?

FSRA assessment calculations are based on the calculations shown in the Assessments and Fees Rule. To see the calculation for your specific industry, please refer to the following subsections: Insurance Sector: Subsection 4.1.

The FSRA assessment is calculated by subsector using the following formula:

Insurer’s direct written premiums for the subsector ÷ Total direct written premiums for the subsector
Budgeted expenditures net of fees

The P&C Prudential sector is calculated using the same formula but with the required capital instead of direct written premiums.

Insurers are subject to a minimum fee of $100 for fraternal societies and $1,000 for all other insurance entities. 

The FSRA assessment has been calculated based on the following subsectors: auto rates, property and casualty, property and casualty prudential regulation and life conduct.

Total direct written premiums for the sectors used in the assessment calculation.

Sub-sector Total direct written premiums or required capital (in thousands)
Auto rates $16,841,330
Property and casualty $35,557,514
Property and casualty prudential regulation $1,130,740
Life conduct $34,185,170

2. What is the “Insurer’s minimum assessment adjustment” shown on line 9 of my invoice?

Small insurance companies pay a minimum assessment of $1,000 and fraternal societies pay a minimum assessment of $100. These minimum assessments reduce the assessment payable by all other insurers. A credit (negative) amount on the insurer’s minimum assessment adjustment line represents the insurer’s share of this assessment reduction. A charge (positive) amount on line 9 represents the amount required to increase the insurer’s assessment to the minimum assessment amount.

3. Where does the information on my company’s written premiums come from?

The data collected is based on returns filed by insurers to FSRA, Market-Security Analysis & Research Inc. (MSA) and OSFI. 2022 premiums and required capital were used for the assessment calculation as 2023 data was not yet available at the time of the billing.

4. My company is no longer in business. Can the invoice be prorated?

If your company was in business before January 31, 2024, you are required to pay an assessment for the period April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025. Your invoice will not be pro-rated.

5. How do I update my contact information?

6. How do I read my FSRA assessment invoice?