Auto insurance fraud affects all drivers in Ontario by raising insurance premiums. We all have a role to play in combatting auto insurance fraud.

Learn how to identify, report and prevent auto insurance fraud with three tips.

You can also view this checklist for quick tips on how to prevent and report fraud.

1: Know who you are dealing with.

Before purchasing insurance, make sure your broker, agent or insurance company is licensed to do business in the province. Only a licensed broker, agent or insurance company can sell insurance in Ontario.

2: Take the time. Report the crime.

If you are a victim of or suspect auto insurance fraud, here are three steps to take:

  1. maintain a record of evidence to help you prove it
    1. Take detailed notes of all dates and times of the incident. Save all correspondence and documentation such as estimates and invoices, medical reports and claim forms.
  2. call your insurance company to report it and ask what steps you should take
  3. report the matter to police

3: Spot the fraudster.

While there are many types of fraud, here are some examples of fraud schemes to look out for.