2022 Mortgage Brokerage and Administrator AIR launched

To better protect consumers and focus its supervision efforts, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is launching the 2022 Annual Information Return (AIR) for mortgage brokerages and administrators.

Completing this questionnaire will help to identify trends and risks in the sector.

The AIR must be completed and filed by the end of March even if licensed mortgage brokerages and administrators did not do any business in 2022.

FSRA posted the AIR questionnaires in December 2022 and informed the industry about the posting. This is providing mortgage brokerages and administrators with more time than in previous years to collect and prepare the required information.

The principal broker of a mortgage brokerage or the principal representative of a mortgage administrator must file the AIR through Licensing Link.

Mortgage administrators are required to pay their 2023-2024 fee in FSRA’s Portal by the end of March.

Coming up: Principal brokers, brokers and agents may begin to renew their licences on February 1. Renew early to avoid delays, given new licensing requirements this year. For transition information and responses to common questions about the new requirements, visit FSRA’s website.

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