How do I add/remove names from my company profile?

If you are the principal representative/primary contact for a mortgage administrator business, you can use Licensing Link to add or remove directors, officers or partners (DOPs) of the mortgage administrator. When new DOP applications are initiated, the new DOPs need to prepare and submit their online declarations. All new DOPs must first complete their criminal record and judicial matters checks (CRJMCs) through FSRA’s approved vendor, Triton Canada (Triton). The new DOPs must provide the Triton CRJMC confirmation number with the declarations (confirmation of their suitability for licensing of the administrator).

Once the request is submitted, FSRA will review the administrator’s information. A member of FSRA’s licensing team will follow up with the principal representative of the mortgage administrator and/or the applicant if additional details are required.

New Criminal Record and Judicial Matters check process

FSRA is changing its licensing process for criminal record and judicial matters checks (CRJMCs) to ensure the processes remain up to date. CRJMCs are part of FSRA’s rigorous licence qualification process to protect consumers by ensuring only suitable individuals sell or offer financial products and services in Ontario.

FSRA now requires licence applicants to complete their CRJMCs through our approved vendor, Triton. You must use FSRA’s link directing you to Triton’s website. After completing the CRJMC, you will then return to your sponsoring application email and complete your licensing application on FSRA’s website. Please note that a fee of $19.15 applies for Triton’s service, and the CRJMC is valid for 90 days.

If you have any further questions about the new criminal record and judicial matters check process, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions - Criminal record and judicial matters check (CRJMC) process