About the LLQP course

The LLQP course is a prerequisite to the LLQP exam, and must be administered through an approved course provider. It is available in English and French, with fees set by the individual course providers.

While all course providers cover the same curriculum, they may offer instruction in different formats including classroom learning, correspondence, or online learning. Course duration is approximately 100 hours, although completion time may vary widely from student to student.

Approved course providers

Does your company want to become an approved LLQP course provider?

About the LLQP exam

The LLQP exam is comprised of four modules that cover the curriculum outlined in the pre-requisite course. It is administered by Durham College and is available online and in-person. To take the exam, you must present a certificate of completion of the LLQP pre-requisite courses and the corresponding course exam. (Note: These certificates are valid for only one year after passing your exam. If you fail to pass the exam within a year, you will need to redo the pre-requisite course.)

More details about the cost and delivery options can be found on Durham’s website. Unsuccessful exam attempts may result in additional fees.

LLQP exam re-write policy

As of February 2024, FSRA is modernizing the exam procedures for new life insurance agent candidates which will improve the integrity of the examination process in Ontario and align with best practices across Canada. Learn more.

Before obtaining your licence, you will need to pass all four modules of the LLQP exam.

If you fail any of the modules, rewrites are available, with the following conditions:

  • After a failed exam, the candidate is entitled to write three supplemental exams. A  24-hour waiting period is mandatory between attempts.
  • If you fail the third rewrite of a supplemental exam (fourth overall attempt), you will need to wait for a period of one year from the date of the failed fourth attempt to register for the initial exam. After the one year waiting period, you will be required to retake pre-requisite courses in order to have your minimum qualifications valid upon initial exam registration.
  • If you hold a first pass date prior to April 1, 2024, you may be able to continue under previous rewrite rules. Please contact Durham College for additional information.

Additional Information on the Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP)

Administration of the LLQP Exam in Ontario

  • ​If you have questions or comments related to the administration of the LLQP exam in Ontario (e.g., release of exam marks, exam facilities, supplies, personnel or the registration process) please email the exam administrator, Durham College, at [email protected]. Include your Canadian Insurance Participant Registry (CIPR) number, your first and last name, along with a description of your concern.
  • If you have questions or comments related to the content of the LLQP reference materials or specific content in the licensing exam, please email the Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations (CISRO) at [email protected]. Include your Canadian Insurance Participant Registry (CIPR) number, your first and last name, along with a description of your concern or question.  
    • Information on how CISRO analyzes, responds to feedback and resolves LLQP issues can be found on its website at www.cisro-ocra.com/llqp.html.
    • CISRO has released an exam policy to provide the foundation for maintaining high standards for LLQP exam administration.
  • For other inquiries related to LLQP, please email [email protected].