Corporations or partnerships that have an inactive adjusting firm licence can apply to reinstate their licence, with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA).

About licence reinstatements

If your licence has lapsed or if you had previously surrendered your licence, you can apply to have it reinstated. Your business cannot perform any adjusting duties until the reinstatement is approved.

Fee for reinstating a licence

The fee to reinstate an adjusting firm licence is $200. This fee will cover the first year up to June 30, after which you will have to renew your licence every year.

How to reinstate a licence

The process you must follow depends on how long your licence has been inactive.

Inactive date

Process for reinstating the licence

If the inactive date was less than two years ago

You can renew your licence as if the licence is still active.


Review all requirements and fees on Renew an adjusting firm licence.

If the inactive date was more than two years ago

You will need to apply for a new licence and provide your corporation or partnership documents.


Review all requirements and fees on Apply for a new adjusting firm licence.