When an employer decides to wind up their pension plan, or FSRA orders the pension plan to be wound up, there are various filing requirements and procedures the plan administrator must follow before it can settle benefits, pay expenses, distribute surplus assets (if any), and complete the wind up.

Compliance with legislative requirements and FSRA’s guidance will help avoid delays in obtaining approval of wind up reports, payment requests and surplus applications. FSRA does not require “hard copies” for compliance purposes. Therefore, all documents related to a wind up should be filed electronically through the Pension Service Portal (PSP) to facilitate processing, if possible.

FSRA encourages administrators of defined contribution plans to complete their wind up report using the online smart form that’s available through the PSP. However, for the time being, administrators may request a fillable form by contacting [email protected]. See a sample of the Wind up report for defined contribution pension plan.

Guidance – Wind ups:

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