On May 29, FSRA hosted a webinar for mortgage professionals on the proposed guidance titled ‘Enhancing strong conduct and compliance culture: The role of Mortgage Brokerages and Principal Brokers’.

The webinar enabled attendees to understand:

  • ways mortgage brokerages can ensure their principal brokers act with integrity, demonstrate professional competence, and have the necessary independence, authority and resources to perform their management roles effectively
  • how principal brokers can demonstrate they are taking reasonable steps to ensure fair outcomes for consumers by hiring, effectively training and supervising suitable brokers and agents

More than 175 attendees participated in the webinar and had the opportunity to ask questions directly to our FSRA team.

Proposed Guidance: Mortgage Brokerage and Principal Broker Responsibilities to Ensure Compliance and Fair Consumer Outcomes (presentation)
Date: May 29, 2024
Presenter: Antoinette Leung

Questions & Answers

FSRA is pleased to respond to as many topical questions as it can from the event. Questions with similar themes may be grouped together and answered only once. Responses are provided for both questions that were answered within the webinar and those that were not.