Loan and Trust

1. How are assessments calculated for the loan and trust sector?

FSRA assessment calculations are based on the calculations shown in the Assessments and Fees Rule. To see the calculation for your specific industry, please refer to the following subsections: Loan and Trust Sector: Subsection 5.1.

The FSRA assessment is calculated by subsector using the following formula:

Budgeted expenditures net of fees / # of loan and trust organizations

2. Who would be billed for this assessment?

If the Loan and Trust organization is active as of February 28, 2024, then it would be billed for assessment in this cycle.

3. How do I update my contact information?

Email: [email protected] with any changes to your contact information, including your email address. 

4. How do I read my FSRA assessment invoice?

Sample invoice