Technical advisory committee for Auto Rate and Underwriting Regulation Reform


FSRA is executing a strategy to reform the regulation of auto insurance rates and underwriting in Ontario (“Reform Strategy”). The Reform Strategy aims at achieving fair rates and underwriting, promoting market health with efficient regulation, and supporting informed consumer decision-making.

This consumer-focused work is unprecedented in Ontario and few other jurisdictions have undertaken comparable reforms. The work will be multi-faceted with significant implications for Ontario consumers and the insurers that serve them. The challenging, high-impact nature of the Reform Strategy makes stakeholder collaboration critical. To facilitate that collaboration, FSRA is launching a new Auto Rates and Underwriting Regulation Reform Technical Advisory Committee (“TAC”).

Consumer Centred Mandate and Scope

The TAC is a special purpose committee that will provide expert advice to advance FSRA’s Reform Strategy.

The TAC will:

  • review and improve FSRA’s recommendations on reforming the regulation of rates and underwriting
  • provide evidence-based advice in support of delivering Reform Strategy outcomes
  • evaluate consumer benefits and harms in relation to policy issues including fairness, profitability, operational risk management, scope of rate regulation/coverage, transparency, and other issues as they may arise
  • share operational expertise to assist FSRA’s prioritization and sequencing throughout implementation
  • continue to provide technical advice to FSRA throughout implementation

The TAC’s advice and recommendations will be consistent with FSRA’s mandate and align with FSRA’s principles-based and outcomes-focused approach to regulation.

Advisory Committee Membership

Nomination Process

Open call for members

Nomination process will be posted on

Committee Size

12-15 members, excluding FSRA observers

FSRA may add or remove members at any time

Member Qualifications

Thought leaders capable of shaping the development of multi-faceted reforms.

Skillful at identifying and addressing competing interests and priorities.

Subject matter and technical expertise appropriate to the TAC’s scope

Support from organization or profession to represent on relevant issues

Willingness to put consumer interests and the objectives of the Reform Strategy ahead of business or professional interests


Selection will prioritize experience in one or more of the following to ensure the required breadth of perspectives:

  • Leading, managing, or acting on consumer behavioural insights
  • Interpreting and aligning business strategy with Ontario’s rates and underwriting legal framework
  • Managing or overseeing operational risk or model risk
  • Underwriting, rate making, and distribution management
  • Customer service and management including complaints
  • Providing insurance advice to consumers


Other factors such as geography, specialization, and size or type of organization.

Member Responsibilities

FSRA expects members to:

  • Review background material in preparation for meetings
  • Provide advice, proposals and feedback to FSRA
  • Use best efforts to develop consensus
  • Promote consensus positions within the broader stakeholder community


Provide feedback to FSRA on the functioning of the committee

Meetings and Time Commitment

The TAC is expected to hold meetings on a quarterly basis, with the possibility of more frequent meetings as required. FSRA may also consider creating TAC subgroups made up of select members to advance work on priority issues. TAC meetings will be held with a preference for in person attendance.

FSRA will provide meeting agendas and related materials at least one week in advance of each regular meeting. FSRA will also prepare a summary of each meeting and distribute it, including any accompanying written submissions, to Advisory Committee members no later than three weeks following a meeting. FSRA also intends to publish meeting minutes and a high-level summary of the Advisory Committee’s work on FSRA’s website.  

FSRA is expecting the TAC to complete its mandate on or before March 31, 2024. FSRA may extend the TAC’s term if required.


Members of the TAC are expected to obtain assistance from co-workers and industry collaborators in the course of fulfilling their TAC responsibilities.[1]

Until the TAC’s mandate is complete, TAC members and those who assist them are required to maintain confidentiality (with the exception of information made public by FSRA).

[1] The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.F.31, as amended, will generally apply to information provided to the TAC and to material prepared by or for the TAC.