Technical Advisory Committee for Auto Rates and Underwriting Regulation Reform

Summary of the meeting of November 1, 2023

TAC members present:



Deborah Upton

Gore Mutual Insurance

Greg Robertson

Robertson Insurance Broker

Jennifer Power


Julie Nolette


Lydia Roy

TD Insurance

Malcom Winer

Travelers Canada

Maria Benjamins


Andrei Belik (delegate)

Aviva Canada

Sebastién Vachon


Sherene Hariprasad


Stéphane McGee


Steve Cohen
Todd Saunders Co-operators
Trevor Foster IBC
Warren Ting Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance

FSRA members and external attendees present:

Auto/P&C Policy

Glen Padassery, Chris Georgakopoulos, Jonas Schwab-Pflug, Melissa Grover, Haafiz Alibhai, Roger Marjadsingh, and Manit Ramchandani

Auto/Insurance Products

Cong Wang, Saad Opal, Eugene Shmeilin, Brian Kogan, Nadine Chang

Consumer Office Diana Green


Jason Harris


Janek Kmiec (MOF)

General comments

This was the second Auto Rates and Underwriting Regulation Reform (ARURR) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) held by FSRA. FSRA began the meeting by recapping what we learned from the last meeting and inviting further comments on desired fairness outcomes.

The meeting was focused on engaging committee members about enhancing transparency for consumers. FSRA and committee members discussed document modernization, making it easier for consumers to shop around for auto insurance, and consumer experience benchmarking.

The meeting concluded with a presentation on the results of FSRA’s operational risk management (ORM) survey, the current state of ORM, and takeaways from the ORM survey’s findings.

Transparency discussion summary 

Document modernization 

Discussion centred around what documents should be modernized, what principles should guide the redrafting of insurance documents, what sort of information consumers need, and who should lead/advise on document modernization efforts. The group discussed how FSRA, insurers, and brokers should all be involved in document modernization efforts.  

Making it easier to shop around 

The group discussed how consumers can get the information they need to make informed decisions and the importance of getting the right coverage as opposed to just seeking the lowest rate.  

Consumer experience benchmarking

Discussion centred around consumer experience benchmarking research, what sort of information would be worth tracking and raised questions respecting FSRA’s priorities and the cost of conducting high quality research.