Need information related to your pension plan? FSRA provides 24/7 access to pension details for active, pending or winding-up pension plans registered in Ontario.

Information related to individual pension plans, or plans with fewer than five members is not available.

How to search for a pension

Use Pension Plan Information Access to search by plan registration number, plan name, or sponsor name. Information for each plan includes:

  • Plan registration number
  • Plan name
  • Corporate name and address of plan sponsor, administrator or custodian
  • Effective date
  • Fiscal year end
  • Plan type
  • Benefit type
  • Total active membership
  • FSRA staff member assigned to the plan
  • Selected transactions and related filing information

Questions? If you need help finding a plan, call FSRA:

Tel: 416-250-7250

Toll-free: 1-800-668-0128