Consumer Advisory Panel members

Anish Chopra
Harold Geller
Harvey Naglie
Julie Kuzmic
Kristian Bonn
Kristina Booi
Krysta Nesbitt
Laura Tamblyn Watts
Lucy Becker
Rhona DesRoches
Roger Gauthier
Sharon Altman-Leamen
Zahir Dharsee

Hitesh Doshi (Regrets)

FSRA staff

Mark White, Chief Executive Officer
David Bartucci, Director, Consumer Office (Acting) and Pensions
Rhea Tubigan, Senior Advisor, Consumer Office

Glen Padassery, EVP, Policy and Chief Consumer Officer


Marlo Spence Lair, Ministry of Finance


  • The Panel participated in an agenda-setting exercise, through roundtable discussion for its 2022 terms. The aim of the exercise was to identify topics that should serve as the Panel’s principal focus during the 2022 term.
  • The Panel discussed opportunities for partnership and engagement with external advisory bodies, similar panel, or groups.

Item 1: Welcome and term overview 

  • FSRA welcomed all new and existing panel members and provided an overview of the agenda. Mark White welcomed all the members and noted the Panel continues to play a prominent role in providing advice to FSRA from a consumer, member, and beneficiary perspective. The Panel’s feedback and insights helped to bring a consumer voice to policymaking.  
  • FSRA provided an overview of the Consumer Office and Consumer Advisory Panel. 

Item 2: Changes for 2022

  • FSRA discussed the overall changes for 2022 including:
    • The introduction of six new panel members (Lucy Becker, Zahir Dharsee, Julie Kuzmic, Harvey Naglie, Kristina Booi, and Krysta Nesbitt)
    • The appointment of Panel Chair, Laura Tamblyn Watts.
    • The introduction of working groups and subcommittees. The working group and subcommittees are an opportunity to engage the Panel in a meaningful and targeted approach when capturing consumer insights, recommendations, and feedback. These committees and working group will be formed on a priority and needs basis.

Item 3: Panel priorities and focus for 2022 

  • To assist the Panel with preparing its 2022 topics and workplan, Laura Tamblyn Watts requested each member to share their experience, interest and identified key issues and interest the Panel should focus. 

Item 4: Brief recap of overall priorities  

  • FSRA provided the Panel with a summary of topics discussed. The Panel discussed the overall key themes identified and topics presented.
  • The Consumer Office will work with FSRA colleagues to assess the feasibility of the draft policy agenda and work plan. Accordingly, the Consumer Office may follow up with the Panel to discuss amendments to the draft policy agenda. 

Item 5: Engagement and partnership

  • The Panel discussed the prospects to engage with external advisory bodies, similar panel or groups, to look for opportunities to coordinate approaches to financial consumer protection.
  • Discussion ensued on the objective of partnership and engagement. Objective includes promoting consumer education and consumer advocacy. 
  • The Consumer Office and the Chair will have an opportunity to meet with OSC Investor Advisory Panel on March 24, 2022.

Next steps

  • FSRA committed to following up with the Panel about next steps. 
  • The Panel’s next meeting is scheduled for June 15, 2022.