The 2022 Fiscal year (FY 2022) Annual Status Report highlights the progress FSRA has made with respect to accessibility and in line with the initiatives listed in its MYAP as updated in August 2022.

Some areas of progress are summarized below:


FSRA has developed and implemented several policies to address accessibility and disability accommodation. These Policies are monitored and updated within the policy review cycle to address identified gaps and accommodate changes in Legislations, Regulations and Directives.


FSRA completed a comprehensive diversity and inclusion focused review of its recruitment cycle with a focused outcome of ensuring equitable, clear, and consistent employment and accommodation policies and procedure. FSRA continuously seeks to remove systemic barriers and ensure people with disabilities can participate fully as job applicants and employees.


FSRA employees and management undertook mandatory trainings on accessibility which range from health and safety to trainings on the Human Rights Code.

Managers also attended the Queen’s Mental Health Program to further educate on barriers with a focus on mental health related disabilities.


FSRA maintained and improved its facilities to ensure they meet accessibilities need of users and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards.


FSRA in line with its completed Workplan (as agreed with the Accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities Division of the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility) decommissioned the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO) website (one of the previous Regulators amalgamated to create FSRA).

Work is ongoing to decommission the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO, the other Regulator amalgamated to create FSRA) while applicable Forms and Guidance have been transferred to the FSRA website which is AODA compliant.

Customer Service

FSRA worked with its customers to ensure information and services were available in accessible formats. Customer facing FRSA staff were trained on how to help individuals with disabilities and those requiring additional assistance.


Accessibility was incorporated into the 2022 Procurement processes of FRSA. Vendors were prompted (in the procurement Agreement) and encouraged to ensure accessibility is integrated in their deliverables.


In all, FSRA made good progress with respect to accessibility compliance in FY 2022. FSRA is dedicated to achieving the initiatives outlined in its August 2022 MYAP update unless made impracticable by circumstances beyond FSRA’s control.

FSRA constantly seeks ways to contribute to the accessibility of Ontarians with disabilities by creating an accessible environment within its organization and complying with its obligations under the AODA and the Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation (IASR).

This document is available on FSRA’s website and can also be reproduced in an alternative accessible format upon request via email- [email protected] and

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