The Province of Ontario in a bid to create an inclusive environment enacted the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) in 2005. The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR)/Ontario Regulation 191\11 which is an offshoot of the AODA outlines 5 broad categories of standards as areas of focus for organizations covered under the Act.

The goal of the AODA and IASR is to help identify, prevent, and remove barriers that affect persons with disabilities. These barriers may be systemic, structural, attitudinal or a communication barrier.

Guiding principles

FSRA is committed to treating all persons equally and with dignity whilst maintaining their independence. The Organization is mindful of the role it plays in the Province of Ontario through the services it provides in the Regulation of a broad sector of industries ranging from Pension, automobile insurance to Credit Unions.

FSRA is constantly seeking to identify and remove any barriers or perceived barriers persons with disabilities may encounter whilst working (internal) in FSRA or in the process of obtaining service from FSRA (external). The goal is to incorporate accessibility standards into its plans from the preliminary stages or during the early phases of executing such plans.

This MYAP seeks to go beyond regulatory compliance to the heart of service for Ontarians with disabilities. It outlines the actions, initiatives, and proposed initiatives FSRA has implemented and will put in place in future to provide inclusive and accessible services to all its stakeholders.

Existing FSRA accessibility initiatives

Areas Initiative (s) Outcome or Result Timeline/status


Develop an Accessibility Policy and keep current policies with a goal to continually eliminate biases or discrimination towards persons with disabilities

1. Development of Disability Accommodation Policy which reflects FSRA's commitment to fulfill its legal obligations, including those found under the:

  • Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code), Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 (WSIA),
  • Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001 (ODA), and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act,
  • 2005 (AODA), and Ontario Regulation 191/11 - Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) under the AODA


2. Development of a Health and Safety Occupational Policy which provides direction to FSRA Management, staff, and Board members regarding compliance with the statutory requirements for occupational health and safety.

  • Ensure all employees continue to complete mandatory AODA and accessibility training appropriate to the person's role as required
  • Continue to record and track employee learning and development activities specifically related to AODA and accessibility requirements
  • Development and administration of mandatory OHS training
  • Posting of policy on all health and safety boards in the Workplace
  • Establishing, supporting, and maintaining Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) to ensure safety and accessibility of all employees including focus on persons with disabilities



  • All staff and volunteers, are trained on our Accommodation polices
  • Employees understand their responsibilities to provide services that consider the needs of employees and visitors with disabilities.
  • Reasonable efforts are used to ensure the policies, practices, and procedures on how we provide services to employees with disabilities are consistent with the principles in the customer service standard: dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity


- annual review required every two years
















- Mandatory review of policy required every 12 months by the Board of Governors


- Mandatory compliance attestation required by all employees every 12 months


- New employees are required to complete mandatory training within 30 days of their start date













– JHSC meetings ongoing


Create and review tools to help increase awareness within FSRA with respect to accessibility needs for persons with disabilities

Development and launch of a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DEI) committee - FSRA is committed to creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive working environment that supports learning, leadership, and opportunities to grow. The mandate of DEI committee is to provide consultation and subject-matter expertise to support FSRA's goal of an inclusive work environment and alignment with our Values.



  • Continue to focus on developing an organization which fosters a culture of equity and inclusion, that values and includes employees, and visitors with disabilities.
  • Continue to develop an approach to train all staff on the use of the DEI philosophy and consider equity impacts of all new planning, projects, policies, and initiatives

In Progress


Ensure an accessibility specialist is on site

Employs an HR Business Partner and Facilities Manager with a focus on Health and Safety who ensures that accessibility policies and tools are in place and responds to accessibility requests.



All employees have access to tools, resources, training, policies, and procedures to support accessible customer service.



Consult with persons with disabilities

In accordance with Sections 12 and 26 of the IASR, FSRA will develop its multi-year accessibility plan with internal consultation with employees with disabilities.



The consultation approach to review the accessibility plan may result in changes to FSRA's business rules or recommendations to explore new accessibility approaches.


Employment Standards

Create and ensure tailored return-to- work\redeployment accommodation for persons with disabilities is maintained to address specific individual needs

The Disability Accommodation Policy outlines the commitment to and process for employment accommodation and Return to Work (RTW) strategies designed to promote the safe and timely RTW of Employees with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses. Ensure that employees have access to all tools and resources to perform their job duties.



  • Employees with disabilities have equitable access to learning, development, and career growth opportunities
  • List of employees are maintained of who require assistance in an emergency to provide individualized workplace emergency response information
  • To prepare for emergency situations, employees with disabilities are provided with individualized workplace emergency response information when required.
  • Written process established for individual accommodation plans for employees with disabilities. This includes providing the individual accommodation plan in a format that considers the employee's accessibility needs due to disability

Return to work and Accommodation redeployment is ongoing


Continually include the availability of accommodation in its job postings and hiring processes

FSRA notifies candidates about the availability of accommodations for applicants with disabilities by doing the following:

  • including a statement in all internal and external job postings
  • Inclusive employment practices for recruitment, retention, performance management, and employee development
  • Completed a comprehensive diversity and inclusion focused review of the recruitment cycle (inclusive of job advertisements, interview questions, accommodation and alternate interview formats, job offer letters, hiring processes and recruitment policy to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Outcomes: Equitable, clear, and consistent employment and accommodation policies and procedures that seek to remove systemic barriers and ensure people with disabilities can participate fully as job applicants and employees.













In Progress


Ensure external presentation templates and materials are easily accessible

Make FSRA external presentation templates and materials AODA compliant.



Digital Media

Ensure FSRA digital media such as social media, YouTube, and paid digital ads are AODA compliant




To make FSRA Reports AODA compliant



All FSRA Business Cases contain an AODA compliance statement.

Program areas are aware that they must make allowances for AODA compliance in their requested procurements.



Standard FSRA Agreements contain a clause telling vendors that they must abide by AODA.

Vendors are aware that they could be in breach of contract if they do not follow AODA guidelines.



Proposed accessibility initiatives

Areas Initiative(s) Projected/anticipated outcome/result Timeline/status


Improve access to resources for people with disabilities

Incorporate AODA discussions into our regular health and safety meetings to be proactive in approach to accessibility, identify barriers to accessibility, and to generate an ongoing discussion around accommodation

Not Started: Complete by March 30, 2021


Further Educate Employees

Deliver training to employees that educates them on both seen and unseen disabilities.

Not Started: Complete by March 30, 2022

Employment Standards

Consult externally with persons with disabilities

Foster a culture of employee engagement and inclusion through development, implementation analysis of the Employee Engagement Survey and the development of action plans in partnership with persons with disabilities.

Develop formal process for candidates who disclose they require an accommodation to participate in interviews and use feedback from process.

Further improve on inclusive employment practices in recruitment including strategy for outreach to attract persons with disabilities.

Not started: Complete by December 31, 2021


Review accommodation request process in a bid to simplify it

Educate staff and People Leaders on the Accessibility policies and processes and procedures for requesting individual plans
Develop change and communication plan to support awareness of process for, and availability of, individual accommodation plans in accordance with AODA

Not started: Complete by December 31, 2021


Decommissioning of the old Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO) websites. FSRA’s current website and any new content are AODA compliant however, it currently links to content in the old FSCO and DICO websites that are not AODA compliant.

Creating a website that is inclusive for Ontarians with disabilities. Ensure links to content in the old FSCO and DICO website and web contents meet the accessibility of WCAG 2.0 Level AA

May 2021


Universal washrooms

FSRA is relocating to a new building; 25 Sheppard Avenue. We are constructing single use Universal washrooms to meet current AODA requirements, which are wheelchair accessible, provides an adult change table, automatic door openers, handrails, grab bars, and emergency call system. These will be located on the 4th, 16 and 17th floor

December, 2021



All workstations will be sit - stand

December, 2021



Meeting rooms, workstations and floor directory signage installed by FSRA will be in braille

December, 2021



Several meeting rooms throughout the building will be wheelchair accessible.  The main café will have amenities at levels for accessibilities – lower counter, sink and microwaves. All main entry points will be equipped with automatic door openers

December, 2021


Monitor, review and update information and resources available on accessibility within FSRA's procurement process

Continuous and enhanced education and awareness for program areas

2nd quarter, 2021 (continuous)


Case by Case analysis of procurements to ensure accessibility requirements are met

Thorough policing of accessibility requirements within Procurements

3rd quarter, 2021 (continuous)


Accessibility reports status

No. Report Status





Annual Status Report on MYAP

December 2020 (and every December of subsequent years)


Accessibility Compliance Report

December 31, 2021, 2023 and January 1, 2025


MYAP update/review

2025 or earlier were required.


Feedback- we would like to hear from you

We welcome any comments, suggestions with respect to this MYAP and the services of FSRA to serve Ontarians better and make FSRA services more accessible.

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FSRA is committed to the Government's accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities and will monitor its current accessibility initiatives and continuously seek ways of improving its accessibility standards to the best level that can be achieved.

This plan at least once in 5 years to ensure the current and proposed accessibility standards are in line with legislation and industry practice. An annual status report with respect to the progress made within the year will be posted on FSRA's website.

This document is available on FSRA's website and can also be reproduced in alternate accessible formats upon request through [email protected].