The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was enacted by the Government of Ontario in 2005. The AODA alongside the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) set out requirements for organizations covered within the Act and Regulation to comply with to create an accessible Ontario for persons with disabilities.

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (MYAP- a 5-year document) is one of the requirements set out for Organizations within Ontario to develop. It establishes initiatives the Organization intends to take to comply with the accessibility standards.

FSRA's 2020-2025 MYAP outlines the actions, initiatives, and proposed initiatives FSRA has implemented and will put in place in future to provide inclusive and accessible services to all its stakeholders. The MYAP was developed with contributions from internal stakeholders. FSRA also consulted with persons with disabilities (internal) in the process of creating the MYAP and incorporated their suggestions and feedback.

The Annual Status Report highlights the progress FSRA has made with respect to accessibility and in line with the initiatives listed in its MYAP. Some areas of progress are summarized below:


FSRA has developed and implemented several policies to address accessibility and disability accommodation. These Policies will be reviewed as necessary to address identified gaps and accommodate changes in Legislations, Regulations and Directives.


Since its launch in June 2019, FSRA has ensured the inclusion of “availability of accommodation” in its job posting (whether internal or external) and throughout its end-to-end recruitment process. Accommodation requests are prioritized and provided where it would not cause undue hardship to FSRA. This has helped create an equal playing field for all job applicants seeking an employment position within the organization.

Return to Work accommodation for employees who require it have been tailored to suit each specific requirement. FSRA over the 2019-2020 period has ensured that policies, resources, and tools are available to meet the needs of its employees who require same.


FSRA employees, management, contractors and third parties (where applicable) are trained on how to identify and relate with persons with disabilities. These trainings have been used as tools to educate and create awareness on accessibility.

The mandatory trainings on accessibility are expected to be completed within a month by new employees and range from health and safety to trainings on the Human Rights Code. Additionally, a yearly attestation of review of health and safety training will be required commencing January 2021.

Managers are trained on how to assist members of their team with disabilities or specific work accommodation needs.


FSRA is currently transitioning from its old office building to a new office site where it will occupy several floors. Structural accessibility is at the core of FSRA’s planning for the move and progress is being made in line with the timelines for the completion of the projects listed in the MYAP. FSRA would continue to work with its contractors and landlord (as much as practicable) to ensure its workspace is as structurally accessible as possible.


FSRA plays a vital role as a Regulator within Ontario which requires a lot of interface with regulated sectors and consumers (members of the public). Consequently, FSRA’s website, web contents and digital media are accessible. FSRA will strive to continually ensure its communications are in an accessible and AODA compliant format.

In addition, all FSRA External templates and materials are presented in an accessible format. FSRA also tries to provide alternative formats for information posted to the public on its website upon request.


Accessibility has been incorporated into the Procurement process of FRSA. Vendors are prompted (in the procurement Agreement) and encouraged to ensure accessibility is integrated in their deliverables.


In all, FSRA has made good progress in accessibility compliance since its inception in June 2019. FSRA is dedicated to the achieving the initiatives outlined in its 2020-2025 MYAP unless made impracticable by circumstances beyond FSRA's control.

FSRA will constantly seek ways to contribute to the accessibility of Ontarians with disabilities by creating an accessible environment within its organization and complying with its obligations under the AODA and IASR.

This document is available on FSRA's website and can also be reproduced in an alternative accessible format upon request via:

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Phone: 416-226-7850

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