Strengthening consumers’ perspective within FSRA

FSRA releases 2023 Consumer Advisory Panel Annual Report

FSRA’s Consumer Advisory Panel provides a consumer perspective to help inform the regulator’s work and deliver on its vision of financial safety, fairness and choice for Ontarians. The panel meets regularly and offers advice on FSRA’s strategic approach and related activities, including consumer-based research, policy support and consumer education.  

This year, the Consumer Advisory Panel participated in the development of FSRA’s Financial Planner / Financial Advisor Check Credentials Tool and influenced the layout and information presented. The Panel made recommendations to improve consumer accessibility to the FSRA website including updates to the Consumer Complaint Form page as well as recommendations which led to the addition of the ‘Google Translate’ feature that allows the content to be presented in numerous languages.

To further highlight the important work the panel is doing, FSRA is releasing the Consumer Advisory Panel’s 2023-2024 Annual Report. The report outlines the Panel’s engagement with FSRA and key activities from January 2023 to March 2024, such as: 

  • established six topic-specific working groups including one related to strengthening protection of vulnerable consumers
  • held four general meetings and met with 13 different teams within FSRA on a wide variety of topics in addition to engaging with FSRA’s Board of Directors
  • organized a meeting with 22 representatives from 13 different consumer advocacy groups and regulators to initiate a dialogue on consumer protection challenges and opportunities and investigate potential collaboration opportunities among organizations

Visit the Consumer Advisory Panel webpage for more information. 

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