Health service provider licences revoked or suspended for not complying with licence requirements

FSRA is taking action against health service providers who have not filed their Annual Information Return and paid their licensing fee. Although the regulator informed these individuals about potential enforcement action and followed up with them multiple times, they failed to comply with the law and now 169 HSP licences are being revoked and 59 are being suspended.

FSRA regulates the billing practices of health service providers to help maintain fair and reasonable auto insurance rates for consumers. They provide goods and services to auto insurance accident benefits claimants.

To maintain a FSRA licence, health service providers must file the Annual Information Return (AIR) and pay the regulatory fee each year. In its 2021-2022 HSP Supervisory Plan, FSRA states that Annual Information Return non-filers could have their licence suspended or revoked.

A FSRA health service provider licence allows individuals to receive direct payment from auto insurers for benefits claimed under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. Service providers whose licences were revoked or suspended may still provide care to auto insurance accident victims but cannot receive direct payment from insurance companies. Insurance companies will directly pay the claimants that receive treatments from unlicensed service providers and claimants will have to reimburse the clinic for services rendered.

Visit FSRA’s public registry for the most up-to-date information on service providers’ licence status and conditions.

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