FSRA Supports the Administration of Pension Benefits Upon Marriage Breakdown with Proposed Guidance and a Practical Guide for Members and Spouses

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is committed to promoting the good administration of pension plans and protecting the rights and benefits of all plan beneficiaries.  

FSRA is consulting on proposed Interpretation and Approach Guidance regarding the processes for the valuation and division of pensions upon marriage breakdown. This guidance is intended to support plan administrators’ compliance with their legal obligations. FSRA is inviting sector stakeholders and the general public to submit feedback on the proposed guidance. The consultation will close on May 3, 2021.

For pension members and their spouses, FSRA is releasing a guide that provides a practical overview of the process of valuing and dividing a member’s pension upon marriage breakdown.

The guidance and guide reflect the engagement of FSRA’s Family Law technical advisory committee. We would like to thank the Committee for their contributions.

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Consultation on Proposed Guidance: Administration of Pension Benefits upon Marriage Breakdown

Pensions and Marriage Breakdown – A Guide for Members and their Spouses