FSRA seeking feedback on its new 2022 Fee Rule

FSRA is seeking feedback on its new 2022 Fee Rule to help ensure it is fair, consistent, and transparent.

FSRA is proposing changes to the rule that governs the way it assesses and collects fees from the sectors it regulates. This is to align with FSRA’s updated Fee Rule vision and principles, such as fairness, consistency, and transparency. 

The Proposed Fee Rule will maintain low administrative burden, ensure the sectors are bearing their own costs, and help the regulated entities better understand how their fees are calculated.

FSRA is making these changes to ensure fees appropriately and accurately reflect the regulatory efforts and activities required to enhance consumer protection.

FSRA committed to revisiting and reviewing the 2019 Fee Rule three years after coming into force.

In order to ensure an open and transparent process, FSRA is launching a 90-day public consultation.

FSRA is now seeking feedback on the proposed Rule 2022 – 001 ASSESSMENTS AND FEES from all stakeholders. The consultation will close on Monday, February 27, 2023.

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FSRA continues to work on behalf of all stakeholders, including consumers, to ensure financial safety, fairness, and choice for everyone.

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