FSRA Releases “Take-All-Comers” Guidance to Remind the Auto Insurance Industry of its Legal Obligations to Consumers

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) today issued “Take-All-Comers” guidance to reiterate that auto insurance providers are required by law to provide all Ontario consumers with access to timely auto insurance quotes and the lowest rates available to them.   

Insurers, agents and brokers have legal obligations to:

  • provide consumers the lowest rate available
  • offer all eligible consumers a quote or a renewal
  • accept all auto insurance business from consumers that meets Insurers’ approved rules

Following public consultation, FSRA carried out examinations of selected insurers, agents and brokers as part of a larger thematic review of “Take-All-Comers”. That review includes supervisory work by FSRA to identify any practices in the auto insurance system that are inconsistent with the “Take-All-Comers” rule and its intended purpose.

FSRA will supervise against this guidance and will be requiring many insurers to review their practices to ensure compliance with the law, report any “Take-All-Comers” rule breaches and develop a remediation plan. 

The “Take All Comers” guidance will lead to strengthened conduct standards which will improve fairness in the system for consumers.

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