FSRA finds insurer filings comply with amended rule

Ontario life insurance customers can be confident that they can invest in new individual segregated fund contracts and access their money later with no surprise sales charge fees.

Ontario’s financial services regulator (FSRA) performed an industry compliance check to ensure life insurance companies are following FSRA’s 2023 Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices (UDAP) Rule amendment, which prohibits insurers from issuing new segregated fund contracts that contain a deferred sales charge (DSC) option.

FSRA found that the industry is largely in compliance with the new requirement. The findings are based on FSRA’s review of 54 information filings received from 14 insurers in 2023.

A DSC is a fee that a customer pays if the customer withdraws money from an individual segregated fund contract before the end of a specified time period. Removing the DSC option from new segregated fund contracts supports fair financial outcomes for Ontario consumers.

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