The financial health of Ontario’s Defined Benefit pension plans improved steadily in 2021

The latest quarterly solvency report published by FSRA finds that the majority of pensions plans, 81 per cent, were more than 100 per cent fully funded, the highest level since December 2009.

While this is an encouraging sign, plan sponsors and administrators should have risk monitoring and governance strategies in place to understand how future uncertainties may affect their plans.

Solvency monitoring is one supervisory tool FSRA uses to improve outcomes for pension plan beneficiaries and to proactively engage in a dialogue with plan sponsors.

FSRA has released its Q4 2021 update on the estimated solvency ratios of Ontario’s Defined Benefit pension plans.

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FSRA continues to work on behalf of all stakeholders, including consumers, to ensure financial safety, fairness, and choice for everyone.

Q4 2021 Estimated Solvency Funded Status of Defined Benefit Pension Plans in Ontario.