It’s important to learn from past mistakes, consider other points of view and adopt best practices. That’s a formula for constant improvement. 

Mortgage brokerages have an opportunity during the complaints resolution process to identify staff training needs and enhance policies and procedures. 

It’s not enough to only fix technical errors. Go beyond compliance and look for ways to address how you want your customers to feel when their complaint is resolved. This will increase customer trust and satisfaction. 

Tips for effectively resolving complaints 

These simple steps are industry best practices and can be adapted to most business models. 

Principal brokers can use these activities to identify training needs for staff, review and enhance the brokerage’s policies and procedures[1] and support in recommending policy or process changes[2] as needed. 

  • regularly review complaints data to identify consistent concerns and drive continuous improvement 
  • find and analyze the root causes by reviewing complaints at a high level instead of individually 
  • address the root causes with a complaints resolution process that fixes technical errors and considers the customer experience 

Train your staff on the process and ensure they understand why it’s important. Give them examples of when the process has protected the business and its staff or helped create extra value for customers. See FSRA’s resources on best practices for complaints resolution. This approach can help you: 

  • boost customer satisfaction 
  • improve service standards and business processes 
  • reduce or prevent similar complaints 
  • build strong relationships with customers based on trust  

[1]  O. Reg. 410/07, s. 3(1) Duty re policies and procedures
[2] O. Reg. 410/07, s. 3(2) Duty re policies and procedures