Purpose of consultation

The Public Warning Notices Guidance (the Guidance) aims to:

  • outline the process through which FSRA may issue public warning notices to notify consumers / the general public about unlicensed activity, or other improper dealings with FSRA-regulated products and services, and the basis for such warnings
  • ensure transparency of the public warning notice process and that procedural fairness is afforded to an individual or entity who is the subject of a public warning notice
  • provide confidence to consumers that the information is credible

Outcome of consultation

As a result of the consultation, the following changes have been reflected in the final version of the Guidance:

  • an example of an “improper dealing”
  • additional detail on the steps FSRA takes prior to issuing a public warning notice
  • additional detail on FSRA's strategy for generating public awareness
  • establishing that the public warning notice reflects a compliance scenario at a specific point in time

Feedback from the sector:

FSRA received 4 submissions with feedback on the Public Warning Notice Guidance during the 30-day consultation period. The submissions and comments are also available on FSRA’s website. Only the feedback relevant to the Public Warning Notices Guidance is reflected in this summary.

FSRA thanks all commenters. FSRA carefully considered all comments before finalizing and issuing the Guidance.


The following stakeholders took the time to share their perspectives with FSRA:





Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC)

Amanda Dean


FSRA Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP)



Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA)

Matt Caron


Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA)

Luke O’Connor

Feedback summary and FSRA’s responses: